Learn How To Make Paneer At Home

How to make Paneer / Cottage-cheese

There is no rocket science involved in making Paneer (Cottage Cheese) at home. I have been making Paneer at home from years and have seen and learnt from my mother. Below is the simple recipe which shows how to make paneer cubes at home in simple steps, using only 2 ingredients.

Most store bought paneer contain additives which may not be best for health, this recipe below is natural and produces paneer which is softer, healthier and importantly fresh.

Preparation time: 1.5 hour

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Serving: Around 350-400 grams

How to make paneer at home step by step recipe | Your Food Fantasy


  1. Full Fat milk – 2 litres
  2. Lemon – 1 big size
  3. Ice Cubes (Optional)
How To Make Paneer At Home |


  1. First of all, boil milk in a heavy base pan. Once milk starts boiling, switch off the flame.
Milk for making Fresh Paneer | Your Food Fantasy
Milk for Paneer in a Pan
  • Now add juice of 1 big size lemon and stir the milk. It will curdle, separating the whitish green whey. Add 5-6 ice cubes to it and again stir. Now curdled milk will form big chunks. We add ice cubes as it cools down the milk and stops the curdled milk from further cooking. Milk for making Fresh Paneer | Your Food Fantasy by Meenu Gupta
  • Take a colander and line it with cheesecloth or Muslin cloth. Strain the milk in the cheesecloth.Home Made Paneer | YourFoodFantasy.com
  • If you want, you can collect the whey as it can be used in making curries or kneading dough for chapati / Parantha.
  • Now gather all the ends of cheesecloth together and squeeze all the extra water with the help of your hand. Making Paneer At Home | Your Food Fantasy
  • Now place it on a plate and keep a heavy weight on top of the cheesecloth for about an hour.Pressing Paneer to set in Shape | Paneer Making
  • After 1 hour, take the paneer out and cut it into cubes or any shape. You can also refrigerate the paneer, either keeping it in an air tight container or dipping the paneer block in a bowl of water. It  stays fresh for 3-4 days.
  • Home made Paneer | Easy
    Paneer Cubes | Easy HomeMade Paneer Recipe | YourFoodFantasy.com

    Enjoy your home made paneer in any dish of your choice, such as Palak Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Puffs, Matar Paneer, Paneer Tikka, Kadai Paneer, Chilli Paneer, Paneer Potato Cutlet, and many more.


    1. The most important key point for getting nice and soft paneer is to use whole milk/ full cream milk as it is much richer in taste and texture. 
    2. You can use Yogurt or Vinegar as well in place of lemon juice to coagulate the milk. 

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