Holi Recipes - Sweet and snacks

Holi Sweets and Snacks – Holi Recipes

Holi sweets and snacks – The word “Holi” immediately springs up the images of colors and the childhood memories of balloons filled with water, colorful faces, bonfire night, sweets and Gujiyas. Here is my compilation of sure shot winning holi recipes, these are sweet and savory, for you to enjoy Holi 2021.

If I refer to mythology, the word “Holi” originated from the word “Holika”, who was the evil sister of the demon king Hiranyakashyap. A bonfire is lit on the eve of Holi, signifying the Holika Dahan” and that’s when the celebrations kick off. People would have collected all old dried branches of tree, old junk and create this bonfire.

Again, India being such a diverse country, the way a festival is celebrated will vary slightly. In Mathura (where my roots are), the festivities may last more than week. It is known as the lath mar Holi, where women beat men with sticks and sing songs. All in all, its fun!

Talk about Holi celebrations and we can think of sweet gujiyasFood is integral to every festival in India. This festive season, eat to your heart’s content! Whether it’s an intimate affair or an elaborate gala, lay out an impressive spread with some of these Holi recipes, from things to eat and drink.

Here I have compiled hosts of snacks and sweets you can make during this Holi 2021

Let’s start with Gujiya! No introduction required for gujiya, holi and sweet gujiyas are almost synonyms.

Gujiya – Best Holi sweet recipe

Sometimes spelled as Gujiya or called karanji, are a must for Holi! You can go for traditional mawa gujiya or opt for colorful dry fruit gujiya, after all Holi is all about colors, isn’t?

Mawa Gujiyas are soft gujiyas, and have stuffing of mawa primarily. I will recommend to stay away from adding semolina stuffing.

Gujiya Recipe - Mava Gujiya | Your Food Fantasy
Gujiya Recipe – Holi Sweet | Your Food Fantasy

Dry fruit Gujiya – These are instant hit, just like normal gujiya, however the presence of additional colors, would entice anyone.

How to make Khoya or mawa?

One of the challenge which one will face while making most of Indian sweets, is the need to get khoya. Normal process of making khoya can take hours, however I have got you covered here with my instant mawa recipes. You can make instant mawa or khoya using milk powder or ricotta cheese in 15 mins. No kidding! It’s true, try out yourselves.

Dry fruit gujiya recipe | Colourful Gujiya | yourfoodfantasy
Dry fruit gujiya recipe | Colourful Gujiya | yourfoodfantasy

Gulab Jamun – Most common Holi sweet recipe

How can we not talk about Gulab Jamuns? Undeniably one of the most popular Indian sweet, across the world now! Follow my simple to follow step by step recipe and you will have most amazing gulab jamuns ready at home. Do pay attention to special notes to make sure your gulab jamun are not hard and delicious to the core.

Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe | YourFoodFantasy.com by Meenu Gupta
Gulab Jamun Recipe – Holi Sweet

Chocolate Gulab Jamun – Sweet recipe for Holi 2021

I have two kids and do you know what kids love most? Chocolates!! Hence, if you in same boat as I am, then sweets need to have chocolates too! Here is chocolate gulab jamun, just for that very reason. Let me share a secret here, more than my kids, Kapil loves these! Yes, even adults indulge in such gulab jamun goodness. This will be another amazing addition to the list of Holi sweets.

Gulab Jamun Fusion Recipe | Chocolate Gulab Jamuns
Gulab Jamun Fusion Recipe for Holi | Chocolate Gulab Jamuns

Rasmalai – Colorful festive sweet recipe

If you have been my follower, you would know I am a lot into rasmalai and hence rasmalai will find place in all my festive preparations. However, why not add colors to the rasmalai and take it to next level?

Try out these pink rasmalai with rose flavour, or try out these green ones of pistachio flavour, you will find both are winner!

Process to make both of these rasmalais are similar, so why not make a batch of both of these colorful rasmalais?

Rose flavour Rasmalai Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Rose flavour Rasmalai Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Pista Rasmalai - Ras Malai Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Pista Rasmalai – Ras Malai Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Kaju Pista Rolls

We all definitely would have a friend who loves cashews, and whatever sweet you offer them, they will find it incomplete till there us cashew sweet. Don’t disappoint them, and offer them these kaju pista rolls. These are lot easier to make then they appear to be. Be a smug and show off 😉

How to Make Kaju Pista Roll | Indian Sweet Recipe
Kaju Pista Roll – Cashew based Holi sweet

Rasgulla – Evergreen Holi sweet recipe

Traditional rasgullas are never out of fashion, are they? Check out this step by step recipe to make sweet, spongy and white rasgullas.

Rasgulla Recipe | YourFoodFantasy.com
Rasgulla Recipe | YourFoodFantasy.com

Rose Rasgulla

In case you find traditional rasgullas boring, you can try these colorful rose rasgullas. Must try this holi, the colors will add to the excitement of the festive season, after all holi is all about colors.

Fusion Rasgulla - How to make rasgulla
Rose Rasgulla Recipe

Kala Jamun – A great Holi sweet

We talked about gulab jamun, we talked about rasgullas, we talked about rasmalai, but don’t forget kala jamun. This one from the family of gulab jamun, holds special place in hearts of many. The outer layer is darker than gulab jamun, and the core contains subtle different flavour. Click on the image below for step by step recipe of kala jamun.

Kala Jamun Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Kala Jamun Recipe – Holi Sweet

Samosa – One of the most common holi savoury recipe

Must like gujiya and gulab jamun, samosa rules the heart of Indians. Samosa is a street name and have numerous avatars, ranging from traditional potato stuffed ones to lentil stuffed or meat stuffed. I will recommend going traditional here and preparing the best “love triangle” you have have your life. The triangular shape of samosa and perfect crisp layer is here to make your guests fall in love with this samosa.

Punjabi Samosa Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Punjabi Samosa Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Dahi Vada – Holi Snack

When I was growing up, my mum will make dahi vada / dahi bhalla invariably each Holi. I have continued here tradition and try to make these lovely holi snack too. These soft, melt in mouth dahi vadas are the perfect match to sweet gujiyas during Holi. Let this festival of 2021 be one of the best, despite all covid challenges.

Easy Dahi Vada Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Easy Dahi Vada Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Papdi Chaat

For the street food lover in me, there is no excuse to smaller or bigger to make papdi chaat and eat it. Holi offers me more than just an opportunity, its a mega opportunity! The delicious savoury taste of papdi chaat qualifies to make it a great holi snack item.

Delhi Style Papdi Chaat | Your Food Fantasy
Delhi Style Papdi Chaat | Your Food Fantasy

Pav Bhaji – Have Holi 2021 with this

Looking for something which is traditional and filling too? Pav bhaji will do the job! Its great snack which can be meal too. Make it the authentic mumbai style and your festive dinner is sorted!

Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji Recipe
Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji Recipe

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Do you wish to make your holi 2021 even more special? Make this aloo tikki chaat, typical delhi style, and I bet people will lick their finger, totally lip smacking! The magical mix of fried aloo patty, spicy and sweet chutney with chole in it, ahhhh my mouth is watering rightaway!

Aloo Ke Tikki | How to make Aloo Tikki Chaat | Your Food Fantasy
Aloo Tikki Chaat | Your Food Fantasy

Cilantro Chutney

When you make so many tasty snacks, what you need is chutney to go with it and mint coriander chutney has to be one which is used along side many savouries, like dahi vada, tikki chaat, etc. Make this chutney in advance to use on your favourite savory.

Mint Coriander Green Chutney Recipe
Mint Coriander Green Chutney Recipe

Date tamarind Chutney

Now that we covered spicy chutney in the form of mint coriander chutney, we would also likely need this sweet date and tamarind chutney to go on savouries for Holi, perfect chutney for holi snacks.

Tamarind Date Chutney Recipe | Your Food Fantasy
Tamarind Date Chutney Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Paneer Pakora – Holi recipe

Make the festive morning special with these paneer stuffed pakoras. So easy to make and perfect for brunch. These pakoras as so filling and great for a festive morning or any morning.

Sandwich Paneer Pakora Recipe | YourFoodFantasy.com
Sandwich Paneer Pakora Recipe | YourFoodFantasy.com

Paneer Bhatura – Lets make Holi 2021 special

Add some paneer to the popular bhatura and elevate the taste to next level with this special paneer bhatura. Serve with delicious punjabi chole and best combination for holi brunch is ready. A perfect recipe for this holi in 2021

Paneer stuffed bhatura recipe
Paneer stuffed bhatura recipe

Blue Lagoon Mocktail

Holi contains the aspect of getting drunk too. I won’t recommend anyone to get into alcoholic drinks, however you can still enjoy great taste and have fun with this colorful blue lagoon mocktail. So easy to make, ready in minutes.

Blue Lagoon Recipe | Mocktail Recipe | YourFoodFantasy
Blue Lagoon Recipe


Not into non-Indian drinks or fancy more of an Indian drink? Go local! Here is masala shinkaji, it will offer the right amount of refreshing taste to wake the senses after heavy meals.

Nimbu Masala Shikanji Recipe - Summer Drinks | Your Food Fantasy
Nimbu Masala Shikanji Recipe – Summer Drinks | Your Food Fantasy

Looking for further more inspiration on food choices this Holi? Simply drop me a note and I will share more 🙂

Have a safe, colorful and joyous Holi. Hoping these holi recipes will help you create the avalanche of taste on your dinning table.