Navratan Pulao Rice | Your Food Fantasy

Navratan Pulao Recipe

Pulao or Pulav or Pilav, is a rice based dish made usually with Basmati rice mixing with aromatic spices and herbs. There are numerous variants of pulao, such as tava pulao, matar pulao, veg pulao, etc. The one am sharing recipe here is Navratan Pulao, this has generous usage of dry fruits and vegetables.

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Tempered Red Lentil - Tadka Masoor Dal | Your Food Fantasy

Tempered Red Lentils

Raise hands if you are one who loves lentils? I have grew up in a household where lentil was inherent part of meal, everyday, regardless of anything else being in the meal or not. The reason there was so much emphasis of having lentils (also called dal or dhal) in meal was mainly because its rich in protein, vitamin and other minerals as well as low calories. Most importantly lentils are not so costly source of vitamins and protein.

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Meal Combo for Dinner | Your Food Fantasy

Amarantha Paratha with Tadka Dal and Navratan Pulao

One of the challenge one faces whilst cooking is not only making the dish but also decide what shall go with the dish, e.g. when making a dal, shall you made rice or chappatti or if making a curry what should you combine with?! This made me decide to write this combination which is somewhat new and somewhat unique. Best part is that it’s gluten free too.

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Cannellini Broccoli Vegan curry | Your Food Fantasy

Cannellini Broccoli Vegan Curry Recipe

Is it just me or do you also feel that there is a need to have more balanced meals now a days? Growing up as a kid in 80s, balanced meal was unheard-of, may be no one really cared so much, with time technology evolved and so did science and may be we have learnt how to look after ourselves more.

One of the key resolution I made this year is to focus more on healthy eating (No, it does not mean that I will not eat unhealthy food, but be cautious of including more healthy food in my diet).

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Paneer Makhni - Paneer Butter Masala Recipe - Your Food Fantasy

Paneer Makhni | Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer lover? If so, you must have heard and ate Paneer Butter Masala (पनीर बटर मसाला), also known as Paneer Makhni. I remember so well that back when I was growing up as kid, only paneer dish I knew (about eating) was paneer butter masala, and used to be my favourite. Those were the days when eating paneer was a luxury for me. Paneer still remains most favourite dish for millions of people and thanks to people trying out with cooking there are many more paneer dishes out there to satiate the taste buds as per the need of an individual.

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