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Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel Review – Antalya Turkey

Titanic Mardan palace – one of the most exquisite hotels in Antalya, Turkey. I am just back from a week long holiday there, there were many highs and few lows from the stay and here is my attempt to share honest transparent first hand review. This is not a paid review but pure genuine feedback.

Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel

This hotel is truly a palace from the very moment you see it from outside. I had my flight landed in Antalya in night and by the time I reached hotel it was close to 11PM. Looking the exterior in night from cab, hotel appeared magnificent. There was much more awaiting me in hours and days to come.

Airport transfers

As much lavish as hotel is, I was extremely disappointed by hotel’s management to arrange an airport pick up. It was pre-agreed that hotel will send cab for pickup. Hotel had details of my arrivals, number of passengers, etc. However, even after waiting for half an hour there was no sight of any hotel pick up. I had to take private transfer (which was easy), but being stranded in hot weather with young kids was not what I was looking forward to. On sharing this with hotel management whilst checkin, there was minimal apology. Not what I expect from a 5 star hotel! Transfer charges are 90 euros one way. I will recommend that anyone travelling to Antalya, can easily get cab from airport and much cheaper.

Stay at Titanic Mardan

Undeniably this hotel is one of the best when it comes to its layout. It has a mega pool for the swimming enthusiasts, it is one the edge of sea. It offers children waterpark. I was offered a free family room upgrade.

The setting of the room was like two rooms, and worked perfect for a family with two young kids. Facilities in hotel look fresh. They have given care for every thing in look at feel. I was in love with their sofas and chairs.

The whole hotel looks posh, central lobby is best part with massive chandeliers.

Titanic Mardan Hotel Lobby View


Titanic mardan has a good few restaurants, I think 13 restaurants in total, one particular one runs 24 hr and then there is a buffet restaurant, which offers umpteen food choices to suit almost everyone’s taste. Other cafes are open at different timings, but you are never left hungry.

There are bars which serve drinks, you name a cocktail or mocktail and they will make for you. This was highlight for me, as these drinks were genuine good quality drinks and not loaded with sugar. What I did not like though that when you having meal at a restaurant, be it in buffet or one of those Indian, Turkish or Italian (these require pre-booking and a cover fee of 19 Euros per person), you can not have a cocktail. You can get wine, prosecco, whiskey and soda only.

Cocktail Picture
One of umpteen cocktails you can get at Titanic Mardan Palace

Talking about food and drinks, I was extremely upset with two incidents which happened in Titanic Mardan

  1. Titanic Mardan served beef calling it lamb. If you restrain from beef as we do, finding that you have just tasted beef can be devastating experience. My advice to anyone travelling to such places be that ask about the ingredients, twice, thrice and four times.
  2. My kids were served alcoholic drink, I was fortunate to taste the drink before kids could do. Strongly recommend that you check what is being served.

If I forget these two incidents, rest of the whole stay was beyond pleasant and a perfect holiday.

In my view having food in buffet restaurant is great, considering variety of food offered there. If you wish to try specific restaurants, such as Turkish, Indian, etc I suggest that you make booking in advance. These are not open every day.

Entertainment at Titanic Mardan

There are nightly professional shows. Quality of these shows are certainly good. There is also an after party kinda show almost everyday, though mostly for adults. I recommend that for entertainment show (which happens in open area), you go and sit on front rows about 30 mins before the show for best view. Waiters serve drinks and canapés through the show.


There are various other facilities available in the hotel, such as saloon, spa, tattoo. There are shops too for shopping merchandising. You can get beachwear, sunglasses, sun umbrellas, etc too easily in these shops.

All in all a great place to stay, good quality food and courteous staff, however they need to learn to be careful in not mixing food and drinks.

Pool View of Titanic Mardan Palace - Antalya all Inc Hotel
Pool View of Titanic Mardan Palace – Antalya all Inc Hotel

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