Chokhi Dhani Village Resort

Chokhi Dhani Resort – I have been living in UK for a while now. Lately heard about Chokhi Dhani London from a friend in November last year. This led me to explore them and a little google showed that they are originally based in Jaipur, India.

There can’t be a better timing for me to discover chokhi dhani village resort, as I was going to be in Jaipur in Dec/ Jan. Here in this blog, I am trying to share my experience of Chokhi Dhani Jaipur. At the time of publishing this, I am yet to explore London’s Chokhi Dhani.

Chokhi Dhani Food | Your Food Fantasy
Chokhi Dhani Food | Your Food Fantasy

Planning of visit to chokhi dhani

I was in Jaipur for handful of day. This time, I had not really done much of homework to know when to see what place (I had thoughts on what to see, but not when to see), and my timings in Jaipur were good and not good.

I was going to be there on New Year Eve, and 1st and 2nd Jan, these dates were busy days as it was holiday time and all of the tourist attractions were full of tourists.

Learnt that the village opens only at 5PM, and called them to find that it was pretty much walk in, and no reservation required.

I was staying at Ramada and Chokhi Dhani resort was apparently 40mins drive (based on what google maps was saying). We headed to Chokhi Dhani at 5 (ideally wanted to be there at 5). Since I was visiting the place on 1st Jan, Chokhi dhani was unusually busy, and it was dark by 6PM when I got off my car at the gate.

Inside chokhi dhani village resort

There was a hall where tickets were sold and tickets had two categories, Adult and Child. Child ticket was based the height, more over the price of ticket was based on the menu you want to eat, one was multi-cuisine and other was Rajasthani. I think I paid 900 Indian Rupees per ticket for Rajasthani Thali Menu.

As soon I entered after showing my tickets, I was welcomed by ‘Tilak‘ and then there were umpteen stalls which were showcasing various things ranging from selling hot milk, folk dances, palm reading, pottery, head massage, mini-circus, fresh chappati making, and various stalls selling ethnic goods like bangles, cloths, jewellery and much more.

The whole village set up was like a festive place, and it felt like a great place for day out (oh well, evening out).

Festive set up at Chokhi Dhani Village
Festive set up at Chokhi Dhani Village

However, the highlight for me were two things. First, the food and the second, traditional set up. Over there, females were making fresh corn chapatti and serving with garlic chutney and butter. This bought back memories in my head. This is how I have seen my grand mother cook food like this in my remote village. I have immense respect for all those who have cooked food for the family bearing the smoke and heat in front of chulha.

Food in chokhi dhani

Coming to the food, you need to make sure you have enough room in your tummy to enjoy the food. You have two choices, 1. either go and do self service and no wait, or, 2. Join the queue. The queue can range from 30mins to 1hr wait before you are allowed to get in the main food hall. You will need to take off the shoes. You will be asked to sit squatting the legs. The food is the served one by one on the leafy plate and bowls. Food is just too good and I got stuffed but the servers were unwilling to stop. This was one of the best food I had in Jaipur.

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur | Your Food Fantasy
Chokhi Dhani Jaipur | Your Food Fantasy

I will certainly recommend Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur, if you going to be in Jaipur. There are few other places where Chokhi Dhani has opened up in India too. However, I am yet to visit them, but parent branch (Jaipur) probably will score more…my assumption.

So when you are planning your trip? Got a question? Ask me and I will try to answer.

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