Degustabox Review For February | Your Food Fantasy

Degusta box Review – February 2020

Its 9th of March when I am starting penning down my review of Degustabox which was sent to be in Feb, I am assuming I will be able to publish this by middle of March. I normally write my blogs with no pre-planning or thinking. I received this February box delivered on 26th Feb, normally the box comes in 3rd week of the month, however, I was travelling hence I requested the box delivery and whole delivery rescheduling was done so smoothly, that’s another reason I like Degustabox.

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Degustabox Review for January 2020 | Your Food Fantasy

Degusta box Review – January 2020

Here comes the first box of Degustabox and here comes my review of the box. Got the box delivered around 21st of January and I had been back from my holidays recently, I was totally occupied with unpacking, laundry etc. Gradually got to try around the contents of the box, some of the things in the box won my heart, some were like…hummm…ok can be better.

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Degustabox Review | December Degustabox | Your Food Fantasy

Degusta box Review – December 2019

A very happy new year to all those who are reading this in Jan. I know its review of December box, but as some of you know I was travelling during December, I barely got any opportunity to try out products in December box of Degusta, I got my box delivered in second week of Jan and here is me sharing my thoughts on the contents of the box.

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Degustabox Contents, what top expect in degustabox

Degustabox Review – November 2019

Its officially December now and I am yet to receive my December box (it normally comes around 20th of the month, so have few days for before I get it), in any case am here sharing what my thoughts are for the November box which I got in November.

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Degustabox October 2019 Review by Your Food Fantasy

Degustabox Review – October 2019

Its almost Christmas time now, I mean almost..its cold outside and days are short. Do you like winters? Or are you like me, who look forward to British summer! October was a super busy month for me, with loads of Hindu festivals, including Diwali, this meant, I barely got chance to look inside Degustabox till it was November. Once I opened it, I was happy as ever, with same exciting feeling of opening a new Degustabox. Continue reading “Degustabox Review – October 2019”

Degustabox Review , honest review | Your Food Fantasy

Degustabox Review – September 2019

October is on now, and I can feel chill in the air. Schools have re-opened and days are getting shorter. Ahh…I crave for British summer…but its a long wait for it…good news is that at least one thing keeps coming every month. This is my Degustabox. I got September box delivered around 17th Sept and those of you follow me on Instagram would know how I have been busy. I have finally got some time to share my thoughts on the contents of September box from Degustabox. Continue reading “Degustabox Review – September 2019”