Malai Chicken Kebab

Malai Chicken Tikka / Kebab Recipe

Autumn has set in now. Sadly summer was much of a write off this year, due to covid and lockdowns. Talking of BBQ and grilling, one thing which I miss is doing BBQ of chicken tikkas and kebabs. Malai Chicken Tikka is one such chicken starter. The summer evenings with hot off the tandoor chicken pieces, sounds just yumm. Today sharing this Mala chicken tikka recipe which you can make on BBQ, oven, or even air fry.

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Pistachio Rasmalai - Rasmalai Recipe

Pista Rasmalai Recipe (Step by step)

Show me a person from Indian subcontinent, who does not know about Rasmalai. Rasmalai remains the most loved Indian dessert. I have been making Rasmalai at home for a decade now. Recently, I decided to experiment with Rasmalai (also written as Ras Malai) and I made Rose Rasmalai. After the massive success of Rose Rasmalai, here I am presenting Pistachio Rasmalai recipe.

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Broccoli Paratha Recipe - Your Food Fantasy

Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Broccoli, what image comes to your head? A green looking cauliflower? Being Indian origin, paratha is a regular feature in my kitchen. However, I do acknowledge parathas are not the most healthiest option out there. Hence, I try to find ways to make meal healthier yet not compromising the taste. Broccoli paratha is one such thing which I make now and then. One of my ways to feed greens.

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Prestige Gift Hampers Review - Your Food Fantasy

Prestige Hampers Review – Product Review

Is it ok if I say I am counting days to Christmas? I think recently I saw Christmas merchandise recently in a store where I went to do some shopping. Be it Christmas or any special festival, the thing which comes to my mind is celebration, good food and fun. Another thing which occurs to me is “gifts” and “gift hampers”. When it comes to gifts, do you do online shopping? I suppose in covid times, online shopping is best. I recently got my hand on prestige hamper and here is what I felt about the hamper.

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