Pineapple Fried Rice Recipe

Pineapple Fried Rice (Thai)

Thai cuisine inspired this pineapple fried rice recipe is a delicious (sweet) twist to normal fried rice. Fried rice is an easy one pot meal packed with flavours. There are numerous versions of fried rice. This particular recipe one is inspired by Thai flavours. Out of numerous recipes you may find on internet, my recipe here focusses on vegetarian version of pineapple fried rice.

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Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Chicken lollipops are such a mega hit between chicken lovers. These indo-chinese chicken lollipop fits in so well as main product on dinning table as appetiser as well as easily tucks in along side fried rice. The thick sauce on chicken offers the spicy kick. These spicy pieces of chicken are utterly delicious to easily find place in any dinner party. Hoping you love this recipe.

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Degustabox July 2022 Review

Hello all lovely readers, how did the July month treated you? Am sure everyone in UK these days is enjoying this elongated sunshine, I too am enjoying it thoroughly. We had so many garden parties and get togethers in this last month and will be continuing in this July month too as even the Degustabox of July month suggests to do so with the theme of SUMMER and GET OUTDOORS. Hoping this weather continue to last good few weeks ahead, lets start discussing about the contents of Degustabox which i received in the month of May, below are the details:

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Kerala Tourism - Your Food Fantasy

Exploring Kerala – Visit Kerala

Kerala is many things, the most important being the “God’s own country” and it justifies this title perfectly. Kerala has the power of attracting people from all around the world and it never disappoints and ceases to surprise everyone with its beauty. If you are tired of your busy city life and are looking for a much-needed break then Kerala is ready to answer to you with its serenity and peace. 

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Degustabox May 2022 Review

Here comes the month of June and we have almost passed half of 2022, did you guys also feel the same or is it just me that time is flying. For me, I dedicated my whole last month into gardening and now it started to bloom. Its looking lush, perfect for garden parties and barbecues which was theme for our May month Degustabox too. Lets start discussing about the contents of Degustabox which was sent to me in the month of May, below are the details:

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Degustabox April 2022

As we nearly approaching middle of the year and summer is knocking our door, am wondering how these four months have gone with a blink of an eye and we are in this fifth month of year. While enjoying the sunshine in my garden these days, and planning how to decorate my garden this year(planning few garden parties this year after last 2 years of pandemic), here I am with the reviews of the products in April month’s Degustabox. Fingers crossed, weather stays like this…

Now getting back to the contents of Degustabox, as received by me in April, below are the details.

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Degustabox March 2022 Review

As I draft this review, I reflect on the whole 2022 year so far. Almost into 2/3rd part of 2022. Time is flying, however I hope this year been so much better than ever for all of you. I am back from a long due holiday in India, meeting my family and extended family. Whilst, I went travelling, I could not get any chance to give my review on March box of Degustabox, so here it is without much delay. (Shhhhhh! I have got April box sitting with me now, will open that soon).

Focussing back on the contents of Degustabox, as received by me in March, below are the details.

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