DegustaBox August Review | Get your Products reviewed

Degustabox August Review

Back in August DegustaBox had kindly sent me a parcel to review the goodies which comes inside the parcel. I must admit that I was thrilled like a small girl getting her birthday present. When the box arrived (box was signed for delivery), I was super excited and box was immaculately packed!

So what is this Degustabox?

Degustabox is basically a subscription based monthly food box full of surprises. Inside the box there are 10 – 15 products and many of these products are completely new to the market. The boxes are £12.99 including delivery. Whilst it is a subscription service, it comes with no commitments.  (How nice!) They just ask that you let them know a few days before the payment for the next month is taken if you want to cancel. You can simply register for the service for yourself or give it as gift. There is an alcohol and non-alcohol version of the box and you can choose which one you prefer. How cool is that? What more!? I can share a nice discount code, which will further fetch you £5.00 discount, so your first box would be just £7.99. Remember you can cancel the subscription anytime, so worth the try for merely £7.99. Read on for the details.

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Dhaba Style Dal Tadka | Fry

Dhaba Style Dal Fry | Dal Tadka

Dhaba Style Dal Fry/Dal tadka (दाल फ्राई /तड़का) is a North Indian dal (Lentil) recipe. In some places it is also spelled as Dhaal or Daal. It is the most common dish in Indian cuisine, it enjoys an iconic place due to its distinctive taste and aroma. It is so common that every Indian household will know about this. However, there is variations in how it is made and which lentil is used to make it. In my recipe, I will focus on typical Dal Tadka as you will find in north / punjab region of India.

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Chef Knives : Image Source - Deposit Photos

10 best chef Knives for your kitchen

Although it was originally created to primarily disjoint and slice large cuts of meat, nowadays the chef’s knife is a versatile kitchen tool used by professional and amateur cooks alike. Due to its popularity, the market is ripe with options. In this article, we have included our top ten picks to suit a variety of skill levels and budgets.

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Gujrati Methi Thepla Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Gujarati Methi Thepla Recipe

1997 miles! Yes thats what India measures from North to South, and “1822 miles” from east to west. With such massive country size dialects and culture changes every 50 miles and so does food and eating habits.
I never got chance to visit western part of India, and was less exposed to things it offers till moved to a cosmopolitan city. Guess what I got introduced to more flavours of India while I got to UK than I ever got in India, shocking! Isn’t it?

Kapil (my partner) is widely travelled in India and he has been to all four corners of India and he suggested me to try out thepla once from a local grocery shop in London.

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Dahi Ke Arbi

Dahi Wali Arbi

Food is undeniably one thing that binds the world. Food is also the same thing which separates the world. Each culture has its influence on its cuisine and if we talk of Indian cuisine itself, it is so widely diverse. South is famous for its curd rice concept, which would be normally frowned up on in north of India. Interestingly this yogurt based Colocasia is from north, so same yogurt is happily accepted in a curry.

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Lamb Chops Curry - Lamb Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Lamb Chops Curry

For a lamb lover, two things are difficult to ignore, one is Lamb Biryani, and second is Lamb Chops. With no exception, Kapil (my partner) loves both, and then he decided to try out Lamb Chops curry, a spicy curry infused with traditional Indian spices along with Lamb Chops. This recipe is semi dry and can be used along with Indian flat bread or with rice, and no surprise that it tastes equally awesome.

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Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Raspberry Mojito – Mocktail Recipe

Looking for refreshing, light and fruity flavour in your glass to beat the heat? The Raspberry Mojito has all the originality of fresh mint and lime, topped with added sweet twist and fragrance of Raspberries. Make a juicy and fruity mocktail from it or the alcoholic variant cocktail by adding hint of rum, either ways you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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