Lehsuni Paneer - Garlic Paneer Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Lehsuni Paneer – Garlic Paneer Recipe + Video

Lehsuni Paneer Recipe – Paneer lover never gets fed up of paneer. Do they? What names in your head when you think of paneer? Kadai Paneer, chilli paneer, paneer masala? I decided to innovate something this time. I decided to make lehsuni aka garlic paneer. If you look around, you may find dry versions of garlic chilli paneer. My daughter can not stand chilli and I need to make food for her which is less spicy.

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Step by step Pavlova Dessert Recipe - Your Food Fantasy

Rich Chocolate Pavlova Dessert Recipe (Step by step)

Chocolate Pavlova Dessert – The most famous dessert in Melbourne, Australia, win the hearts of many with its light, elegant and fantastic appearance as well as tasty chocolaty flavour. When we discuss the ultimate list of desserts in Melbourne, then this Pavlova dessert will occupy the top place. I will say that this is aussie equivalent of British trifle.

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Pistachio Rasmalai - Rasmalai Recipe

Pista Rasmalai Recipe (Step by step)

Show me a person from Indian subcontinent, who does not know about Rasmalai. Rasmalai remains the most loved Indian dessert. I have been making Rasmalai at home for a decade now. Recently, I decided to experiment with Rasmalai (also written as Ras Malai) and I made Rose Rasmalai. After the massive success of Rose Rasmalai, here I am presenting Pistachio Rasmalai recipe.

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Gobi Manchurian Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Gobi manchurian recipe – step by step recipe

Manchurian, is an Indo-chinese dish. Gobi manchurian, is a manchurian dish made out of cauliflower (gobi) florets. Gobi manchurian can be dry or or with gravy. Dry gobi manchurian is more popular, as it acts as great appetiser as well as side dish in main course. This gobi manchurian recipe contains two basic parts. First, getting the gobi florets ready and second, preparing the sauce ready.

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Vegan - Spinach Palak Poori Recipe | YYour Food Fantasy

Palak poori – Spinach Poori Recipe

Palak poori (पालक पूरी), also known as Spinach Poori, is made by mixing wheat flour with pureed spinach (primarily) and other spices. This spinach poori (also spelled as puri) is healthier version of poori. This spinach poori with its vibrant green color is not only delicious to eat, but also looks good on dining table.

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Cake buying Tips | Your Food Fantasy

Chocolate Cake Buying Tips And Guidelines

Commence celebrations with the delicious chocolate flavoured cakes

The celebrations are incomplete without having a flavourful and luscious cake. No matter whether you are going to arrange a birthday party or wedding anniversary celebrations, you will likely need a cake. The varieties of cakes displayed at the online portals are alluring. These cakes achieve closer attention from every customer and induce them to have it. Who does not get tempted to a good looking cake? The scrumptious cream whipped over the layer of the cake will tempt everyone in the celebration. Continue reading for chocolate cake buying tips (applies in general to any cake).

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Different Velvet Cakes | Your Food Fantasy

4 Different Coloured Velvet Cakes Except Red

Have you ever imagined before about gorging on a delicious velvet cake that is yellow or green in colour? No, right!!! But this is not impossible anymore, since; some of our baking experts have come up with these very delicious and tasty velvet cakes which are zillions of other colours but not red.

They are the same old tasty velvet cakes with a few twisted flavours which ultimately change the colors also. You can surely make this amazing cake as someone’s happy birthday cake. We bet the person who receives it will be surprised and is surely going to love it every bite.

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