Aloo Gosht Recipe

Aloo Gosht Recipe – Lamb Potato Curry

Call it simply delicious or simply scrumptious, this lamb curry is for masses. This aloo gosht aka lamb potato curry is made with lamb, potatoes and some basic spices, giving an amazing flavour. Pair it with rice or naan and you have an absolutely mouthwatering meal ready. The thick stew is deliciously finger licking. Here is my Aloo Gosht recipe.

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Easy Blackberry Cake Recipe

BlackBerry Chocolate Cake Recipe

What is your favourite fruit cake? I love blueberry cake, but lately I got a good harvest of blackberries in my garden and I thought of trying my hand on blackberry cake. As I was about to bake this blackberry cake, my daughter who is fan of chocolate cakes, asked me if I can do blackberry chocolate cake, rather than only a blackberry cake. What a fabulous idea she had?! As soon as cake was ready the fusion of blackberry with chocolate / cocoa, made the cake absolutely ambrosial! Read on for the detailed step by step guide to make most scrumptious blackberry chocolate cake at home.

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Sandwich Paneer Pakoda | Your Food Fantasy

Sandwich Paneer Pakora Recipe

If you from Indian Subcontinent, likely hood is that you are familiar with Pakora (or pakoda). Onion and Potato pakoras are most popular, being one of the most desired thing during monsoon season. The combination of pakora and hot tea is something which many will swear by. Pakoras are my favourite too, just like any one else. Paneer is hot favourite with masses. This sandwich paneer pakora takes the taste of pakoras a level up.

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Aloo Matar Paneer Recipe

Aloo Matar Paneer – One Pot Recipe with Video

Raise hands if you are one like me who wants to eat delicious food, but want the food to be made quickly too. If you are one like me, then this aloo matar paneer curry is for you. This aloo matar paneer is so easy to make and is literally one pot meal. Put the ingredients in either your instant pot, or pressure cooker and scrumptious aloo matar paneer is ready.

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Bharwa Baingan - Stuffed Brinjal Recipe

Bharwa Baingan Recipe | Stuffed Eggplant Curry

Do you like Aubergine? If the answer is no, you need to check out this “bharwa baingan recipe”. Btw what do you normally call it aubergine? Eggplant? Brinjal? Baingan? Or something else? Whatever its called, its same thing for me and it is one of my favourite vegetable. The way this eggplant curry is made by stuffing spices in the eggplant, it makes it exceptionally scrumptious.

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Mixed Veg Curry | Your Food Fantasy

Mixed veg Curry – Mix Vegetable recipe

India curries normally have various vegetables, legumes, meat, paneer, etc. Mixed veg is one curry where you can use host of vegetables and paneer in one single curry. If there is one curry which I love any day, it has to be mixed veg curry. What I like in this recipe is that, I can use any spare vegetable in the house and dish up a yummy curry. This mixed vegetable curry is my safe bet when I am cooking for any vegetarian.

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Rajma Masala Recipe – Kidney Beans Curry (Video Recipe)

Rajma does not need any introduction for an Indian household. Likewise Kidney beans is widely known term in west too. Having said that Rajma has not been so popular as Chole (Chick Pea) or Samosa in west. Objective of my recipe here is to familiarise this to my audience in west as well as for the from Indian subcontinent to suggest how to make restaurant style authentic punjabi rajma masala. This recipe is suitable for Vegans and is gluten free (If you ignore Asafoetida or use GF version of it).

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Palak Paneer Recipe – Step By Step

Palak paneer (पालक पनीर) is a vegetarian dish which originates from the Punjab region of northern part of India. Soft Paneer cubes simmered in not so spicy spinach gravy make this recipe a dish full of nutrients. This palak paneer recipe is an excellent example of nutrition packed meal, thanks to spinach and paneer. Who says veg food does not have proteins?

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Butter Chicken Recipe – Step by Step

If someone is a chicken lover and loves curry, it is little less likely that the person would have not heard of this extremely popular scrumptious chicken curry called “Butter Chicken”.  Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken (बटर चिकन) is one of the most popular Indian chicken recipe. This butter chicken recipe is loved by everyone for its mild flavour and deliciously rich gravy. This dish is hugely popular across the globe for its taste, though it is believed that butter chicken originated in Punjab state of India.

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