Methi Chicken Recipe - Chicken with Fenugreek | Your Food Fantasy

Methi Chicken Curry (Step by Step) + Video

Methi is one of the most common used ingredient in Indian cooking. Surprisingly meethi aka fenugreek is less heard in western part of world. So when I recently made methi paneer, my hubby asked if he can also make methi chicken. My answer was, “why not?”. Here is this methi chicken recipe for all the chicken curry lovers out there.

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Pistachio Rasmalai - Rasmalai Recipe

Pista Rasmalai Recipe (Step by step)

Show me a person from Indian subcontinent, who does not know about Rasmalai. Rasmalai remains the most loved Indian dessert. I have been making Rasmalai at home for a decade now. Recently, I decided to experiment with Rasmalai (also written as Ras Malai) and I made Rose Rasmalai. After the massive success of Rose Rasmalai, here I am presenting Pistachio Rasmalai recipe.

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Gobi Manchurian Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Gobi manchurian recipe – step by step recipe

Manchurian, is an Indo-chinese dish. Gobi manchurian, is a manchurian dish made out of cauliflower (gobi) florets. Gobi manchurian can be dry or or with gravy. Dry gobi manchurian is more popular, as it acts as great appetiser as well as side dish in main course. This gobi manchurian recipe contains two basic parts. First, getting the gobi florets ready and second, preparing the sauce ready.

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Shaam Savera Kofta Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Shaam Savera – Spinach Paneer Kofta Recipe

Shaam Savera is a spinach kofta curry where kofta stuffing is made from paneer and the kofta itself is made from spinach. Shaam Savera recipe is the original idea of chef Sanjeev Kapoor. You will notice that this “shaam savera recipe” here is a variation from original. I have done variations based on some of my own learnings.

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Vegan - Spinach Palak Poori Recipe | YYour Food Fantasy

Palak Puri – Spinach Poori Recipe

Palak poori (पालक पूरी), also known as Spinach Poori, is made by mixing wheat flour with pureed spinach (primarily) and other spices. This spinach poori (also spelled as puri) is healthier version of poori. This spinach poori with its vibrant green color is not only delicious to eat, but also looks good on dining table.

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