Badam Burfi Recipe

Badam burfi (बादाम बर्फी) recipe or badam katli recipe is one of the delicious sweet filled with goodness of almonds. This recipe of mine is fairly simple and requires primarily Almonds, sugar and ghee. This sweet forms a great gift for festive season like Diwali or Holi. This recipe of mine is traditional recipe, which involves soaking and peeling almonds, and this as fresh as it can get. The key to success here is the soft burfi with right amount of sugar and almonds.

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Sooji Halwa – How to Make – Video Recipe

Call it Sooji ka Halwa“, “Sheera”, “Semolina Pudding”, “Navratri Prasad Halwa”, “Ashtami prasad”, “Jaagran Prasad”, it is one and same thing. Grew up seeing my mom making sooji halwa at home every time as Navratri prasad, or as a yummy dessert. When I tried to make same Sooji ka Halwa, in my first attempt, I ended up making a disaster. After a couple of attempts I got the trick on how make perfect sooji halwa, perfectly roasted semolina / sooji, just the right amount of water, sugar and other ingredients, incorporating my learnings in this sooji halwa recipe here.

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Kala Jamun Recipe – Step By Step

Kala Jamun or Kala jaam recipe  (काला जामुन) is an exotic Indian sweet dish served on special occasions being a scrumptious desert very similar to Gulab Jamun. These black beauties are scrumptious to win anyone’s heart. It comes as surprise that these are more tastier than its counter part, Gulab Jamun, those these are more tasty.

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Easy Eggless Rasmalai Recipe (Step By Step)

Easy eggless rasmalai recipe – A guide to making most delicious Indian dessert. Rasmalai is a bengali dish made with spongy cottage cheese balls. The word ‘Ras‘ indicates the juice that oozes out of these cheese balls. Whenever I make Rasgulla, I invariably make some Rasmalai too 🙂 You can not evade this delicacy once you have had it once, rasmalai is so much tempting. Here is my homemade rasmalai recipe.

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Kaju Pista Roll Recipe, How to make Kaju pista roll

Kaju Pista Roll / Fudge

The history of sweets dates back to more than thousands of years. Kaju pista roll (काजू पिस्‍ता रोल) is an indian sweet / mithai recipe prepared from powdered cashews and pistachios. These elongated rolls looks absolutely delicious, which make them perfect for festivals like Diwali, Holi or any other celebration.

You can also try out other sweets like Gulab Jamun, Coconut Barfi, Wheat Flour Ladoo, Kaju Katli , Rasgulla, Water Chestnut Fudge, Rasmalai, Besan Ladoo, Chocolate Gulab Jamun from my blog.

Preparation time : 30 minutes

Cooking time : 5 minutes

Serving : 16 (pieces)

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Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe – Step by Step

Gulab Jamun (गुलाब जामुन) RecipeGulab Jamun is the most popular and loved dessert in India. Best described as an Indian version of a donut immersed in a sweet syrup. It will be surprise if some one who is from Indian subcontinent and have not heard of Gulab Jamun. If you in India and planning a party, and you want to keep one dessert, very high probability you will choose gulab jamun.

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Rasgulla Recipe | How to make Soft rasgulla

If you from Indian subcontinent Rasgulla word will bring in an image of soft spongy juicy white balls. Rasgulla is a milk based Indian sweet, which is made by curdling milk to form chenna. This chenna is then cooked in sugar syrup, giving the spongy texture to the chenna balls and soaking in the sugar to give juicy sweet taste. Sharing this rasgulla recipe where everything is made from scratch. I look forward to a hardcore bengali rasgulla fan to say if its best or not.

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