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Protein Bar Review

Being a foodie and recipe curator, I am on look out to find balanced meal ideas. Having said that, there are times when I will buy ready made meals or food which is nutritious. I have recently kicked off my own fitness journey and one thing I have been advised by nutritionist is to manage good diet plan. A good diet shall include good amount of protein and fibre, sans sugar! I am going to talk about a protein bar below and suggest how I feel about this bar.

Naked Nutrition Chocolate Protein Bar
Naked Nutrition Chocolate Protein Bar

My quest for a good protein snack led me to Naked Nutrition. They do hosts of supplements, including something which suits vegan needs. Considering I love chocolate flavour, I decided to try newly launched chocolate protein bars.

Protein Bar Review

Here is my first hand review of these chocolate protein bar. This bar is nice chewy like fudge and surely each bite offers delicious rich chocolate taste. When I held the bar in hand, I was little unsure if this will keep me filled. Surprise! Surprise! It was very much filling. I can genuinely substitute a meal with this bar.


This bar was merely 180 Cals and still managed to take away my hunger. This bar contains 15g of protein. Normal adult man would need 55g of protein and women will need 45g per day. This suggests that a single bar of this chocolate bar provides 1/3rd of daily protein needs. Protein helps body grow and repair, and I will recommend that you should ensure you have decent protein in your daily diet. There are numerous sources of protein, egg being the cheapest source of protein. You can get protein from plant based food such as soy, lentils, quorn etc.

Grass fed whey protein vs regular whey

This chocolate bar from naked nutrition contains grass fed protein. Grass fed whey protein is higher in CLA, one of the useful fatty acid. This protein is also higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, and probably have less carbon footprint. This whey is taken from grass fed cow. Advantage of grass fed beef or milk is in the fat content. Chewing on grass does not change the protein profile though, amino acid content remains almost the same.

Vegan Whey Protein

There are numerous plant based sources of protein and these products such as soy, almond, are source of plant based whey protein. Soy, hemp and pea protein are usually treated as ‘absolute protein’, implying they contain all the essential amino acids. Rice protein is not full source of amino acids, however can be mixed with other proteins to make it complete.

Naked Nutrition Protein Bar
Naked Nutrition Protein Bar

Naked Nutrition

Coming back to the site from where I got my chocolate protein bar, it’s based in US. Hence, when it was shipped to UK, package was opened by border force to check if product is safe to enter UK. Super impressive work by UK Border force. For those based in US, I will recommend that you try this chocolate protein bar. I can see the pricing is good as well and pocket friendly.

On parting note, I will add that, eat good, stay healthy, stay fit. Do your workout, stay active, enjoy life, we get it once, make the best of this life!

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