Cheesy Mushroom Broccoli Recipe

My daughter is a is cheese fan and I am not averse to it either. I love mushrooms and we, as a family love broccoli too. With these things in my mind, I always wanted to try out something like a french or italian cuisine and which led me to experiment. I have earlier mentioned that I love bruschetta con fughi.

So I decided to make something on those lines. If am honest, I am not sure how anyone else will feel about this recipe, but I loved the end product so did my family (and the guest who was my guinea pig) 😀

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Creamy Mushroom Bruschetta Recipe

Cheesy Mushroom Bruschetta Recipe

About 2 years ago I posted recipe for bruschetta con funghi, one of pizza express delicacies. Inspired by same, I had tried bruschetta bread with toppings of mushroom and cheese, and I made this again one of those “ready in minutes” starter. This “cheesy mushroom bruschetta” is really simple to make and you can certainly earn brownie points from your guests, as it tastes simply superb! Thanks to the crunchy crust and cheesy topping, it tastes like mine pizza.

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bruschetta con funghi | yourfoodfantasy by meenu gupta

bruschetta con funghi Recipe (Step by Step)

Ever since my childhood, I always had craving for Italian food, and whilst in India, this was limited to Pizza, pasta and ravioli. I discovered “Bruschetta Con Funghi” as a great starter in Pizza Express. This is my favourite starter every time I enter an Italian restaurant. Sharing my recipe for the same, which you will find to be super easy and super duper quick as well.

Preparation time : 10 minutes

Cooking time : 10 minutes

Serving : 4

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