Scottish Barley Vodka

Scottish drinks brings images of single malts in my head usually. This image has over the period strengthened in my head by my hubby’s love for single malts. However, recently we got introduced to something totally new, this is Scottish barley vodka. If you are a vodka person, I will recommend trying this barley vodka from highlands.

Scottish Barley Vodka - XMuse - Your Food Fantasy
Scottish Barley Vodka – XMuse – Your Food Fantasy
Scottish Barley Vodka - X Muse Vodka - Review by Your Food Fantasy
Scottish Barley Vodka

What is Vodka

Vodka is alcoholic beverage and is as clear as water. Vodka comprises of ethanol and water, and is usually made by distilling water from grains. Potatoes, honey, fruits too are used to form the base. Vodka finds its origin in Russia, Ukraine, Poland area, however now its distilled at many other parts of the world, including Scotland.

Vodka is a feminine slevic word, which means little water. Vokda offers great heat, and is normal to find people consuming it neat in heavily cold places like snowy Russia.

Out of all alcoholic drinks, Vokda is likely the one which gives less after-effects, because it contains less of impurities induced to offer flavour.

Scottish Vodka

Xmuse Vodka happens to be the first of blended barley vodka from Scotland. In vodka, water happens to quantify for more than 60% of content, and if water be coming from such purest form, vodka happens to be one of the finest. This XMuse vodka has purest form of water. Coming from the people who know how to do craft sprits, Xmuse vodka is finest of Vodka.

Vodka Recipes

Vodka by the nature of its transparent colour forms base for many cocktails. Shall you be looking to make some party pleasing cocktails, check these vodka based cocktail recipes .

You can find cocktails like Kithship Rituals, Garda Muse, X Muse Martini, amongst others. I personally prefer, Garda Muse owing to coconut flavour, or you can also make traditional Blue Lagoon with this vodka.

Scottish Barley Vodka XMuse -
Scottish Barley Vodka XMuse –

How to serve vodka

Magic of good vodka lies in three key factors

Know what to mix with Vodka.

A good mixologist will know how to make a good cocktail. Its the skill of carefully understanding the notes of drink. A measured approach to ingredients, is must for good cocktail. One may drink vodka neat too.

Drinking Temperature for Vodka / cocktail

Be it food or drink, it should be server at right temperature. Serve vodka chilled. Add ice to keep the drink temperature at zero or sub zero level.

Glassware for Vodka

As lame it may sound, each drink commands its own glassware. I see this as science and psychology. Science because, how a drink tastes not only depends on ingredients, but also how they settle in a glass, hence glass shape matters. I called psychology as well, this got a lot to do with the feel a glassware offers when holding and sipping through the drink.

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