4 Different Coloured Velvet Cakes Except Red

Different Velvet Cakes – Have you ever imagined before about gorging on a delicious velvet cake that is yellow or green in colour? No, right!!! But this is not impossible anymore, since; some of our baking experts have come up with these very delicious and tasty velvet cakes which are zillions of other colours but not red.

They are the same old tasty velvet cakes with a few twisted flavours which ultimately change the colors also. You can surely make this amazing cake as someone’s happy birthday cake. We bet the person who receives it will be surprised and is surely going to love it every bite.

Different Velvet Cakes | Your Food Fantasy

Now go ahead and have a glimpse at the very tasty and delicious cakes which are made especially for you. One can surely think of adding these to their next special celebration.

Green Velvet cake

Many chefs created a rage with this amazing green velvet cake which is covered with a very yummy buttercream. For this amazing cake, you need to swap the red color with green. This green color of the cake batter turns into dark fatigue green on reacting with the cocoa powder. So, of course, this cake is much more cocoa-flavored when compared to other cakes. You can at the end coat the cake with the very yummy and smooth buttercream that will double its taste.

Green Cake | Your Food Fantasy
Green Cake | Your Food Fantasy

Purple Velvet cake

In this case, you can add the purple yam powder to give it the perfect and popping hue of purple color. One can surely order this cake and delight their loved ones for sure. If you do not have the purple yam powder, then you can mix the red and blue colors in equal quantity. This will result in a beautiful purple colored sponge cake which you can then coat with delicious cream cheese frosting.

Purple Cake | Your Food Fantasy
Purple Cake | Your Food Fantasy

Blue Velvet cake

Almost every other person is a huge fan of blue color and the dame will go for this blue colored velvet cake which you can get for your special celebration. We bet that this amazing and tasty blue velvet cake will be the start of your party. To get this ravishing blue color you need to add at least 1 ounce of royal blue gel paste color. Also, make sure to add some more cocoa powder if you want to get a dark royal blue color velvet cake. This cake is your perfect go-to option for your Halloween and you can surely add this one to your list. The more you add cocoa powder to it, the more it will look scary and get tastier.

Blue Velvet Cake | Your Food Fantasy
Blue Cake | Your Food Fantasy

Yellow Velvet cake

This is going to look like any other cake which you get from the online cake delivery or local stores. However, what makes it different it tastes like the color it is made of. Yes, this yellow velvet cake gives you a tangy taste and will surely linger on your taste buds for ages. The best part of this yellow cake is that you need not add any additional yellow color. You can simply add a pinch of lemon zest and extract which is obtained naturally. Also, make sure to add some buttermilk to make the cake a bit fluffy.

Yellow Velvet  Cake | Your Food Fantasy
Yellow Cake | Your Food Fantasy

Your loved ones will get surely amazed at seeing this huge plethora of colorful cakes, which is not just red. Not even in their wildest dreams, they must have imagined that they will get to see this yummy cake in these many unique colors. You are surely good to go with these delectable and yet quirky cakes for your next birthday or get together party. Hope these colorful cakes paint your celebrations too!!!

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PS: This post is a guest post. Images used here are royalty free images from unsplash and istockphoto.

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