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Degusta box Review – June 2020

Half of 2020 is gone and seems like this year is a write off. Can’t wait when we will have the vaccines for Covid-19 and then we all can live the way we used to live pre-covid times. Fortunately, one thing has remained same at least. This is the Degusta box delivery and the contents.

What is degustabox?

Degusta box is an online food subscription service in UK which delivers surprise box of food items on monthly basis. The products in the box are combination of well know products in market or new products to be launched.

I get my box delivered every month in timely fashion. Box costs £12.99 in subscription, and have 10-13 different types of products. Products range from vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, meat based, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks. All sorts of products and that’s the beauty. Every time some thing new and majority of products are worthy. The contents of box itself cost more than £22.50, hence its a bargain. Please note the review I am sharing here is the PR box I got and the box a normal subscriber gets will be little different.

What is Subscription Service?

It is a service where you pay to receive goods / service at regular intervals. E.g. Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Some of these services have a contract duration and some are on monthly contract only, i.e. if you don’t like them, then move on with no commitments, Degustabox is one such service.

So why Degusta Box?

Degustabox is a fairly good subscription service, with value for money, and no commitments. Monthly subscription is £12.99 and you new member and use a code given below in this post, can bring the first month’s cost to £10.99. In my experience the products offered have always exceeded the value of box by miles.

Degusta box delivery

Delivery of degusta box is done by a trusted fulfilment partner, i.e. DHL or similar. You are kept informed when the box will be delivered and you can re-schedule the delivery too.

Detailed review of June 2020 box

Newman’s Own

I was not aware till date that Newman’s own give all the profit to the charity. The dressing was used on salad by me and gives a nice flavour to the salad, and its not heavy to get any bloated feeling. I did not feel the need of adding anything / any other sauce in my salad if I have this dressing. I am also happy with the suggested rrp of £1.65

Newman's Own Dressing | Your Food Fantasy
Newman’s Own Dressing | Your Food Fantasy

Attack a snack

I have consumed attak a snack’s nachos in past. I liked it. Finding the box again in this delivery was pleasant. A nice handy pack of nachos with dips. A perfect munch for anytime of the day and with the price tag of £1.50, it is fine. TBH its a product loved by whole family, who does not like nachos?

Attack a snack Nachos - Your Food Fantasy
Attack a snack Nachos – Your Food Fantasy

Lizi’s granola

 High protein granola is what I need for my breakfast and Lizi’s granola just offers the same. I liked the taste of both the packs. These are low in sugar as what they say, so was pleased to see that the taste still is retained. For a pack of 350g it costs £3.80 (High protein pack). It’s a yes from me.

Lizi's Granola - Your Food Fantasy
Lizi’s Granola – Your Food Fantasy

Nine Seed Bar

My 8 year old is a fan of seed bars and the nine seed bar did not disappoint her. I am also comfortable for her to eat such nutritious food. These are vegan and gluten-free too. I personally did not taste it, but I assume that since my daughter loved it, must be tasty. I think she liked the orange one more. These bars are £1.29 each. Little dearer, but am ok.

Nine Seed Bars - Your Food Fantasy
Nine Seed Bars – Your Food Fantasy

Maynards Bassetts Jellies

It is my daughter who loves jellies or all kids love jellies? She relished these ones! She kept the pack in her room and finished over a week (how hard to resist to not eat in a day itself). The pack comes for £1.00 and is available in most of the superstores in UK. The jellies were soft and full of flavour.

Maynards Bassaetts Jellies - Your Food Fantasy
Maynards Bassaetts Jellies – Your Food Fantasy

Olly’s Olives

Brilliant olives infused in garlic and basil. Totally loved the taste these olives, I ate some of these olives on its own and rest on my pizza. Great product, only concern is these did not last long and pack got over as soon as it was opened. Packs costs £1.50 and is not bad in terms of value.

Olly's Olives - Your Food Fantasy
Olly’s Olives – Your Food Fantasy

BAru chocolate marshmallow bar

This is something new for me. I was like how will it taste? It took me with pleasant surprise. The vanilla flavour along with milk chocolate was fabulous. I definitely was not looking at calories and focussed on taste. The bar costs £1.69 and is yes from me.

Baru Marshmallow Bar - Your Food Fantasy
Baru Marshmallow Bar – Your Food Fantasy

Hippeas chickpea puffs

So light to eat, absolutely crunchy and full of protein and fibre. Ticks so many boxes for me. These are good quality puffs and I absolutely loved them. The pack costs £1.00 and may be little steep, but I liked it.

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs - Your Food Fantasy
Hippeas Chickpea Puffs – Your Food Fantasy

Le Joli Soft drinks

I got two cans in the box. One was Mexican lime and mint and other other was Raspberry and Rhubarb. I liked that these drinks were so refreshing and no sugar. Ok, I have to admit that my partner did not like as they were not sweet, but I very much loved these. So it all depends on personal taste. It costs £1.00 per can, worth a try. Available in Tesco, and Ocado.

Le Joli Soft Drinks - Your Food Fantasy
Le Joli Soft Drinks – Your Food Fantasy

Gregory’s tree

A yummy snack. The pack contains two fruit bars. Little slimy to hold, but fruity in taste. I was not sure if I will like it, but when I tasted, I loved it. So did my daughter. This means its a product which a kid and adult will like, alike. Each pack costs £0.69 and certainly worth a try. Available in Amazon, Morrisons, etc.

Gregory's Tree Snack - Your Food Fantasy
Gregory’s Tree Snack – Your Food Fantasy

Noisy snacks

These crunchy munchies were good find as well. I paired these with my drinks and loved the crunch. Certainly had flavour to these. The one I got was vegan, and absolutely tasty. Pack costs £1.49 and will recommend if you like crunchy snacks.

Noisy Snacks - Your Food Fantasy
Noisy Snacks – Your Food Fantasy

blossom hill gin fizz

This was a beauty. Last item in the box, but not the least by any means. Nice sparkly gin fizz to lift the mood on any dull day. Got one bottle in the box and definitely loved it. The crisp flavour and not too high alcohol content, worked for me. Worth a try if you can take alcohol. Bottle costs £9.00 and is widely available in UK superstores, such as co-op, sainsburys, ocado, etc.

Blossom Hill Gin Fizz | Your Food Fantasy
Blossom Hill Gin Fizz | Your Food Fantasy

How did you find the box contents? Worth trying? I say, hell yeah!

Discount code for DegustaBox

You can use promo code of “MB6LZ” and get the first box for only £10.99. After using first box decide if you want to continue receiving or not. Did not like it after first box? Cancel it 🙂

PS: For reviewing the products, I have been offered this PR box free. Review comments are my personal.

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