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As we nearly approaching middle of the year and summer is knocking our door, am wondering how these four months have gone with a blink of an eye and we are in this fifth month of year. While enjoying the sunshine in my garden these days, and planning how to decorate my garden this year(planning few garden parties this year after last 2 years of pandemic), here I am with the reviews of the products in April month’s Degustabox. Fingers crossed, weather stays like this…

Now getting back to the contents of Degustabox, as received by me in April, below are the details.

What is Degustbox and should you subscribe for it?

Degustabox, is a food box subscription service which comes on per month basis and the box contains 10-15 surprise food/drink products every month and has a subscription charge of £12.99 only. This subscription service works on rolling contract, and is easy to manage/cancel. It normally offers items which outweigh the charge of the box. It is definitely a perfect gift for someone who loves food and need that surprise element in life.

Degustabox delivery

As usual April 2022 box was delivered by DHL with a well informed delivery with the box being in immaculate condition with top notch delivery service. (Delivery is free / included in the subscription cost).

Detailed review of April 2022 Degustabox

April month’s Degustabox was based on the theme of UK versus International.

Let’s discuss the contents of the box one by one.

Newman’s own French dressing and dip

I have received the other variations like Italian salad dressing of this brand in my earlier deliveries of degustabox, and i liked them in my salads, this french dressing too managed to impress me and when its zingy and flavoursome taste comes with a price of £1.85, i will surely go and buy it from sup

NewMans Own French Drip and Dressing Degustabox Review
NewMans Own French Drip and Dressing

Bitburger premium pils

As i received this german beer in the box this month, i wasn’t sure whether my husband would like it or not. As few readers here know, when it comes to beer, my husband’s likings are really limited, so with the thought of this one going in his liking or disliking list, he tried this with little hesitation but to our surprise this was good and he enjoyed it. Coming with a price of £1.65, we will definitely look for this in my next visit to supermarkets.

Bitburger Premium Pils Degustabox Review
Bitburger Premium Pils Review

Bitburger Alcohol free

Now when my husband was trying the beer, i tried to indulge myself in this alcohol free version and quite liked it. As its priced as £0.95, i will definitely buy these for myself.

BitBurger Alcohol Free
BitBurger Alcohol Free Review

Sacla Rooted In Nature Organic Sun-Dried Tomato Stir In sauce

Full of flavour and great texture, i used this sauce in making gravy and it absolutely enhanced the taste of my recipe. I will give it full marks and would suggest that priced as £2.80 per bottle, this is something which every cook should try.

Scala Rooted In Nature Sauce
Scala Rooted In Nature Sauce

Knorr Beef gravy pots

I am not a beef eater and hence offered these knorr beef gravy pots to one of my friend and she loved these. I have used veg stock cubes in past and surely liked them. These pots cost £2 and is available in most of supermarkets.

Knorr Beef Stocks
Knorr Beef Stocks Review

Nucao crisp and crunch

I received this one from the 3 variation, and my kids absolutely enjoyed eating this. It definitely cost little higher with a price of £2.25, but i would love to try other variants too and will buy this one more too as there are only few healthy things which your kids love to eat.

Nucao Bar Degustabox Review
Nucao Bar

Lu le petit Beurre

As i took out this french biscuit from my degustabox, kids were impatient to try these. But when they tried one, they didn’t liked the taste of these much and didn’t came to me for second helping. When i tried them myself, i too didn’t liked the taste much and am sure this is something which i’ll not buy in the market.

Lu le petit Beurre Review
Lu le petit Beurre

Freedom mallows chocolate mallow bites

Do i need to say something about this, as the name suggest marshmallow and that too topped with chocolate. This was the highlight of this months degustabox. Kids absolutely loved it and we too tried them on top of our hot chocolate. Amazing treat that too with a small price of £1.49. A must try for every marshmallow lover.

Freedom mallows chocolate mallow bites
Freedom mallows chocolate mallow bites

Jaffa Cakes Lemon & lime flavour

Again a lovely treat for kids as well as grownups. We all are familiar with the taste of orange jaffa cake, now this lemon lime flavour takes you to the another world of yummy treats. Priced as £1.20, am sure this is something i’ll be looking in supermarkets for sure.

Jaffa Cakes Lemon & lime flavour
Jaffa Cakes Lemon & lime flavour

Sour patch kids watermelon flavour

Being one more treat from the box, this is something which my youngest didn’t even shared with anyone in the house, i managed to stealn 2-3 from him. He has already asked me few times and with a price of £1.32, this is something which i’ll be buying often.

Sour patch kids watermelon flavour review
Sour patch kids watermelon flavour

PIP organic sparkling apple

As i have already tried few other drinks of this brand, i was quite sure what it will taste like. And it definitely didn’t disappointed me. This can definitely be find in my fridge all the time.

PIP organic sparkling apple Drink
PIP organic sparkling apple

Kettle bread bites

I received the focaccia flavour bites and it became a great companion of my evening teas. Priced as £2.09, this si something which you should try and am sure you’ll love it to the core.

Kettle bread bites review
Kettle bread bites

As a conclusion, April 2022 Degustabox had fabulous products range coming from different corners of this world to share with loved ones, varying from new names to old established household names, all were fabulous.

Want to cancel Degusta box?

If anytime in future based on your circumstance, you want to cancel the subscription of this degustabox, all you need to do is to fill this online form and you are out of any contract.

Voucher code for Degusta box

Use voucher code – “MB6LZ” and get the first box for only £10.99 (a discount of £2.00).

PS: Review of the box shared here is entirely mine.

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