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Subscription box Degustabox Review – April 2020

Getting closer to the middle of the year, and seems like corana virus has written off this year for us. Such a sad thing. But let’s not get sad over it. Let’s enjoy the opportunities this time is offering us by either getting to spend more time with family or honing a new skill at home which we always wanted or doing diy projects at home. What are you doing during this lockdown?

What better can be that during this lockdown when we are even struggling to get online deliveries we find someone who can deliver goods / food at home and with assurance that it will be delivering for sure. Thanks to Degustabox, I feel good about this.

What is degustabox?

Degustabox is an online food subscription service in UK which delivers surprise boxs of food items on monthly basis. The items in the box are combination of well know items in market or new products to be launched.

What is subscription service?

It is a service where you pay to receive goods / service at regular intervals. E.g. Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Some of these services have a contract duration and some are on monthly contract only, i.e. if you don’t like them, then move on with no commitments, Degustabox is one such service.

So why degustabox?

Degustabox is a fairly good subscription service, with value for money, and no commitments. Monthly subscription is £12.99 and you new member and use a code given below in this post, can bring the first month’s cost to £7.99. In my experience the products offered have always exceeded the value of box by miles.

Degustabox delivery

Delivery is done by a trusted fulfilment partner, e.g. DHL or similar, you are kept informed when the box will be delivered and you can re-schedule the delivery too.

Below is the detailed review of April box in no specific order.

Sxollie Cider

Oh this pink apple cider was such a treat to tastebuds. The cider is vegan and gluten free. Loved the taste and wished for more to come. With each bottle priced at £1.80 its decent deal. Worth trying.

Sxollie Cider Review | Your Food Fantasy
Sxollie Cider Review | Your Food Fantasy

Peppadew Peppers

Mild sweet and spicy peppers are a great add on to most of the things like pasta, pizza, wraps. Loved the bottle which came in degustabox. The bottle costs £3.00 and I am still using the bottle. Recommended! 

Peppadew Peppers Rewiew | Your Food Fantasy
Peppadew Peppers Rewiew | Your Food Fantasy

Brynmor flapjack

 You a flapjack person? I am not but my daughter is and these flapjacks suited her so well. Thank you from a happy child. Got two of these in the box, one was Caramel Fudge and Apple & Raspberry, both tasted great. Each of these cost £1.29 and available in local super stores.

Brynmore Flapacks review | Your Food Fantasy
Brynmore Flapacks review | Your Food Fantasy

Very Lazy Products

Very lazy is now a household name for me and many others in UK too. I have been using its products in my cooking and seeing two of its products, lemon grass paste and ginger paste was great. Both of these are great pastes and each of these cost £1.85. Pricing may be deemed steep but good products for sure.

Very Lazy Ginger Paste Review | Your Food Fantasy
Very Lazy Ginger Paste Review | Your Food Fantasy

Remedy Drinks

Love! That’s the word. I love remedy drinks and whilst drafting, I am thinking of getting a can and drink it. These are healthy and tasty drinks. Each can costs £1.85 and is available on many super stores in UK.

Remedy Drinks Kombucha review | Your Food Fantasy
Remedy Drinks Kombucha review | Your Food Fantasy

Percy’s caramel chocolate shortbread

Ok, this is another product which my daughter Aadya loved. I am not fan of shortbreads however she loves it and well if she likes something, that a winner. The pack costed £3.00 may be little costly for my personal liking, but you may try it if you like caramel flavours.

Percy's Caramel Shortbread Review | Your Food Fantasy
Percy’s Caramel Shortbread Review | Your Food Fantasy

Tilda Periper Microwave rice

I am regular user of Tilda rice in my normal cooking, not have been a fan of microwave rice. But after trying this pack from Tilda, I do not mind trying it out once in a while when I have busy days. The pack costs £1.59 and is available widely in UK in most of the superstores.

Tilda Microwave Rice | Your Food Fantasy
Tilda Microwave Rice | Your Food Fantasy

Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps

This was the second time I got growers broccoli crisps in degustabox, have also received it directly from them and I can only say that these crisps are one of the best thing to be invented. You will love if you love broccoli, how they have played with flavours is amazing. The big pack costs £1.99 and is good product!

Growers Broccoli Crisps review | Your Food Fantasy
Growers Broccoli Crisps review | Your Food Fantasy

Terry’s Orange Chocolates

Lastly in the box got Terry’s orange chocolate. Very orangish in taste. Loved by family in general. Got two packs in the box and well, yumm is the word. Would recommend trying this out.

Terry's Orange Chocolate review | Your Food Fantasy
Terry’s Orange Chocolate review | Your Food Fantasy
One more box of goodies, most of these were great products, and as you can see for only £12.99 it provides goods worth lot more. I will recommend you to go ahead and try a box to begin with, especially as you can use promo code of “MB6LZ” and get the box for only £7.99. After using first box decide if you want to continue receiving or not. Cancellation is always easy, just in case you change your mind.

PS: For reviewing the products, I have been offered this box free by Degustabox, though views here are purely mine and not influenced by anyone.

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