Wake n Shake Alarm Clock

Geemarc Wake n Shake alarm clock

As some of you are aware, I am mum of two kids. One being close to 8 years and other going to be 2 soon. 8 year old goes to school and I have been teaching her how to manage her activities on her own. This includes waking up in time, taking shower, getting ready for school, and many more of these activities so that she is independent. Of course, I am there to help her at any step she needs it. One of the challenge that I face with her is to wake her up, she will always ask to have few more minutes to sleep, this also means I need to be awake to wake her up.

I always hoped that wish there was some robot or something which can wake her up without me to be waking up (and disturbing sleep of infant baby). I probably was lucky to stumble up on this alarm clock which suits the job.

Geemarc Alarm clock

An alarm clock? So what’s new? This alarm clock is different from the rest I have seen. Let me explain it more. When you set an alarm the clock not only has loud noise, but it comes with a shaker, which create strong vibrations to wake any one up. More importantly, my daughter finds it fun to wake up this way (and I find it funny that she likes it).


The Geemarc alarm clock comes with 2 year warranty, so its good that if anything goes wrong I can contact them during warranty (Not that I have contacted them or needed to contact them).

Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Alarm Clock Reveiew | Your Food Fantasy
Geemarc Wake ‘n’ Shake Alarm Clock Reveiew | Your Food Fantasy

what’s in the box

The box contains, four things, the alarm clock, a cable to supply power, a vibrator with cable and a manual. It is really easy to plug all this. The clock has a unit to add additional battery, in case the power supply is interrupted. Clock also has a usb slot, which is handy in case you wish to charge phone (I use it that way).

Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Alarm Clock - What's in the box | Your Food Fantasy
Geemarc Wake ‘n’ Shake Alarm Clock – What’s in the box | Your Food Fantasy

features of Geemarc alarm clock

Talking about the features of this wake ‘n’ shake clock:

It is really loud (85db), which you can lower, flashes bright red light (you can turn that off), clock supports 12/24 hrs time format, the duration of alarm can be up to 1 hour and has 5 alarm settings.

Setting the alarm is not too difficult either, once you learn it, it is easy. It is easy to carry it too, as the size is not too big. I feel this clock suits the need of deaf people as the shaker provides decent vibrations to wake up anyone.

I guess I am totally happy with this Wake “n” Shake alarm clock. You can buy it from Amazon or other retailers. You may like to see detailed product video here.

Verdict: Its a great innovative alarm clock and suits anyone who needs help with waking up. No chance you can sleep once this alarm clock gets into action.

Kindly note that views expressed here are purely mine and I do not get any commission from the sale of this clock.

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