Degustabox July 2022 Review

Hello all lovely readers, how did the July month treated you? Am sure everyone in UK these days is enjoying this elongated sunshine, I too am enjoying it thoroughly. We had so many garden parties and get togethers in this last month and will be continuing in this July month too as even the Degustabox of July month suggests to do so with the theme of SUMMER and GET OUTDOORS. Hoping this weather continue to last good few weeks ahead, lets start discussing about the contents of Degustabox which i received in the month of May, below are the details:

What is Degustbox and should you subscribe for it?

Degustabox, is a food box subscription service which comes on per month basis and the box contains 10-15 surprise food/drink products every month and has a subscription charge of £12.99 only. This subscription service works on rolling contract, and is easy to manage/cancel. It normally offers items which outweigh the charge of the box. It is definitely a perfect gift for someone who loves food and need that surprise element in life.

Degustabox delivery

Keeping the ritual of every month, July 2022 box too was delivered by DHL with a well informed delivery with the box being in immaculate condition with top notch delivery service. (Delivery is free / included in the subscription cost).

Detailed review of July 2022 Degustabox

The theme for July month’s Degustabox was SUMMER & GET OUTDOORS.

Let’s discuss the contents of the box one by one.

Herdez – Mexico city classic taco seasoning and Yucatan seasoning

I received two of the seasonings above. Promising to be the best and authentic brand for Mexican flavours, it definitely gives you that feel of Mexican food aroma and taste while sitting in your own home. I tried both the seasonings on tacos and liked both of them, somewhere classic seasoning being on top. I will definitely look out for these in supermarkets for my future use, this product gets full marks from me.

Mission – chargrilled wraps

I have used Mission wraps many time in past or i can say it’s a staple in my household whenever its BBQ time. This version too gets full marks on its taste and texture as i served these wraps in my BBQ party and were gone in a jiffy. This version of Mission wraps too, has made a permanent place in my kitchen pantry and i will be serving/eating it again and again.

Clif Bar – White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

As i have a 4 year old huge fan of protein bars at home, i couldn’t even got the chance to taste it. The moment i opened the box and took picture, my little one came and grabbed it. When i saw him enjoying that bar, all i could conclude is this product is definitely good. As my son didn’t even took 1 minute to gobble, it definitely is good in taste. Full marks from a happy mommy.

Rose Marketing UK – Polaretti Fruits Freeze Pops

Having tried other products from this brand in the past, i was delighted to see one more product of this range in my Degustabox of this month. I love thai food and pad thai tops the list in that. So i tried this with all my heart and it didn’t disappoint me. And cherry on cake was less calories in it, so definitely a win win situation for me.

SlooOW crispy rustic rolls with honey

These rolls were a good choice in this month’s box. I paired them with carrot tomato soup in dinner and they made a great pair. Loved the texture and taste and would definitely recommend them.

The sweet Botanist Mindful Mint CBD

I received spearmint sweets from this range and am still not sure whether I liked them or not. While they promise the flavour to be mint, but I didn’t find them as good as my traditional mint sweets which i buy from supermarkets. Hence, I wont be spending money on these as this is definitely not to my taste.

Carr’s Italian herb flavour melts

This product was the best one from this months Degustabox items. A perfect snack for on the go nibbling and was finished in 2 minutes of opening the pack. My whole family loved these and coming with a price of £1.69, i can say its worth every penny and will be included in my every grocery list.

Pea Pops cheddar and onion

This chickpea crisp was another highlight of this months products. A perfect nibble with less calories, it was great in taste too. This too will be in my list of grocery items for every trip to supermarket.

Geo Watkins Mushroom ketchup

When I opened the content of degustabox this month, i wasn’t sure of this product whether i would like to try it or not. Though am a huge fan of mushrooms in any form, still was skeptical to try this ketchup. With little hesitation i tried this with fries one evening and am not sure whether I liked it or not. Need to look other ways to incorporate this in my food. So I am not sure at this moment whether I would be spending money to buy it from the shop.

Gunna turtle juice tropical lemonade

This product was absolutely fantastic addition to this month’s Degustabox. I really enjoyed having this chilled drink on a hot sunny day enjoying the sunshine in my beautiful garden. This is definitely something I would love to have every weekend of sunshine.

Echo Falls Merlot

This product doesn’t need any introduction. This is something I am enjoying since my initial days in this country and would be continuing to do so. This product has a permanent place in my Partners Drink bar at home, and we both love this wine.

Bull’s Eye NY steakhouse BBQ sauce

I received this product in the past too and as mentioned earlier, am not a fan of BBQ sauces. If someone loves BBQ sauces, this product will definitely be appreciated by them but for me i wont be buying it from shop.

As a conclusion, May 2022 Degustabox had great products range perfect for a garden party or BBQ, varying from new names to old established household names, all were fantastic.

Want to cancel Degusta box?

If anytime in future based on your circumstance, you want to cancel the subscription of this degustabox, all you need to do is to fill this online form and you are out of any contract.

Voucher code for Degusta box

Use voucher code – “MB6LZ” and get the first box for only £10.99 (a discount of £2.00).

PS: Review of the box shared here is entirely mine.

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