Degustabox August 2022 Review

Hello all lovely readers, hoping you all had a lovely summer and now gearing towards a beautiful Autumn. We had a lovely kids summer break and tried to make most of it with socialising with family and friends and planning and keeping kids engaged with their fun filled activities. Now as we marking the start of Autumn, kids are preparing to go back to school and we will be having some quiet and peaceful time at home. When everyone around is gearing for those final preps for kids back to school, our Degustabox of this month comes with the same theme too. So received this Degustabox with theme BACK TO SCHOOL & RELAXING EVENINGS, lets start discussing about the contents of Degustabox which i received in the month of August, below are the details:

What is Degustbox and should you subscribe for it?

Degustabox, is a food box subscription service which comes on per month basis and the box contains 10-15 surprise food/drink products every month and has a subscription charge of £12.99 only. This subscription service works on rolling contract, and is easy to manage/cancel. It normally offers items which outweigh the charge of the box. It is definitely a perfect gift for someone who loves food and need that surprise element in life.

Degustabox delivery

Keeping the ritual of every month, August 2022 box too was delivered by DHL with a well informed delivery with the box being in immaculate condition with top notch delivery service. (Delivery is free / included in the subscription cost).

Detailed review of August 2022 Degustabox

The theme for August month’s Degustabox was BACK TO SCHOOL & RELAXING EVENINGS

Let’s discuss the contents of the box one by one.

Good Earth – Pomegranate & Blueberry Kombucha

This Drink promises to be bursting with a refreshing splash, which actually is. I had this chilled and wow i felt so refreshed and energised. This product certainly boosts your energy levels. I will definitely look out for these in supermarkets for my future use, this gets full marks from me.

Nissin Cup Noodle

I received Katsu curry flavour in my subscription. Honestly am not a fan of cup noodles, so i was reluctant to try this one. This does give a good flavour of katsu curry if you are into cup noodles. So definitely a good option, however for me, i won’t be buying it.

Horlicks Vegan Malt Drink

Horlicks is the brand i am seeing since my childhood. I had hot chocolate all my life and now i give it to my kids too. This vegan malt drink is another addition to their lovely product range and definitely stands with the existing ones when it comes to taste. Being Vegan, it definitely serves to mass of population and is a great option. Definitely a good product.

Ocean’s Halo Organic Spicy Korean BBQ Soy-free Sauce

This was something new product which i never heard of. My husband tried this when he was making BBQ chicken wings for himself. This definitely works good as a marinade as he absolutely loved the taste. I will definitely look out for their product range for other options too. Altogether a nice product.

Urban Fruit Wellness Glow

This was a nice fruity addition to this months product. I opened the pack and it was gone in a jiffy with kids, so can definitely say it was really good and instant Hit in the family. I will definitely be buying this often now.

McVitie’s BN Chocolate Biscuits

This brand need no introduction and nor the product. This is a staple product in my regular grocery shopping and will always be as everyone in my family just loves them. This is definitely be a part of our lives forever.

Nesquik All natural Ready to drink Chocolate

My Kids use to drink similar thing from another brand so they were really excited when we found these in this months Degustabox. As soon they tried it, they loved it and now asking me to get more from the supermarkets. So this is definitely a good and Hit option among kids and can’t go wrong.

Dr. Will’s Classic Mayo

Who doesn’t love a good Mayonnaise to pair with their Chips or fries. This classic mayonnaise delivers best taste which you expect from a good mayonnaise. I loved this product and can definitely recommend it to my readers. Full marks from me.

Palmini Pasta Linguine

This pasta is made from the products of palm tree. I tried this and didn’t like it at all. This pasta promises to be healthy, light and balanced as it is low in calories, carbs and sugar. But i won’t be buying it as a basic i didn’t like the taste at all. So if you’re after a healthy pasta you can give it a go.

Heinz Veg Hoops

Again, this brand needs no introduction when it comes to tinned food. Now one more addition to their product range is this tinned veg hoops pasta. As i have said earlier, i am not a fan of tinned food, so i tried it with half heart. this does tastes good and can come really handy when you have crunch of time for cooking. But for me, i won’t be buying it for my good reasons.

SXOLLIE Xider Packham’s Triumph perry

This product i felt is a mix of wine and cider. I had it chilled, though i liked the taste but it couldn’t reach closer to the drinks which i love in cider or wine range. So it is definitely a good option for a change, but i will still prefer my existing choices.

As a conclusion, August 2022 Degustabox had great products range perfect for enjoying BACK TO SCHOOL & RELAXING EVENINGS, varying from new names to old established household names, all were fantastic.

Want to cancel Degusta box?

If anytime in future based on your circumstance, you want to cancel the subscription of this degustabox, all you need to do is to fill this online form and you are out of any contract.

Voucher code for Degusta box

Use voucher code – “MB6LZ” and get the first box for only £10.99 (a discount of £2.00).

PS: Review of the box shared here is entirely mine.

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