Degustabox April 2022

As we nearly approaching middle of the year and summer is knocking our door, am wondering how these four months have gone with a blink of an eye and we are in this fifth month of year. While enjoying the sunshine in my garden these days, and planning how to decorate my garden this year(planning few garden parties this year after last 2 years of pandemic), here I am with the reviews of the products in April month’s Degustabox. Fingers crossed, weather stays like this…

Now getting back to the contents of Degustabox, as received by me in April, below are the details.

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Degustabox March 2022 Review

As I draft this review, I reflect on the whole 2022 year so far. Almost into 2/3rd part of 2022. Time is flying, however I hope this year been so much better than ever for all of you. I am back from a long due holiday in India, meeting my family and extended family. Whilst, I went travelling, I could not get any chance to give my review on March box of Degustabox, so here it is without much delay. (Shhhhhh! I have got April box sitting with me now, will open that soon).

Focussing back on the contents of Degustabox, as received by me in March, below are the details.

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Degustabox February 2022 Review

It’s March now as I draft this review of Degustabox which I received in February 2022. I sincerely hope everyone is safe and with their loved ones. It wrenches my heart seeing what is happening in Ukriane, I know few people who lived in Kiev and have to move out due to Russian invasion. Sincerely hoping that this whole mess comes an end soon.

Focussing back on the contents of Degustabox, as received by me in Feb, below are the details.

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Your Guide to Barbecuing Like a Pro 

Guide to barbeque – Although most people think of BBQ as a rustic or informal form of cooking, there is an art to it. Master it, and you can produce fall-off-the bone, juicy, and tender meat each and every time. Here are the top tips to helping you become a pit-master in the comfort of your own home.

How to bbq
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Achari Chicken Recipe

Looking for a chicken curry different from usual masala, tikka, jalfrezi ? This achari chicken got the answer. This chicken got unique pickle sort of taste and is believed to have originated from northern India. The presence of “achari masala” in this curry is what makes this as “achari chicken”. This achari chicken recipe is hopefully easy to follow and will help you make great tasting chicken curry.

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Degustabox November 2021 Box review

Happy new year folks and wishing you all a healthy new year too. You may be perplexed that its January 2022 and I am sharing review of November Degustabox now? I have been too tied with numerous things in last month and never got chance to share review of Degustabox. However, its better to be late than never.

Assuming new year has begun on positive note for you all lovelies. Keep reading more to explore what was inside the Degustabox and what I felt about those products.

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