Vegan Leek & Pea Aranchini Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Vegan Leek and Pea Aranchini Recipe

St. David’s day is round the corner and as a celebration to that, I am sharing this recipe of leek in collaboration with British Leeks. This recipe has been curated by them and has twist added by me. St David’s day is celebrated in Wales and the festivities includes eating leek based food. This “Vegan Leek and Pea Aranchini” is a great snack (or a meal), and if you a leek lover, you gotta love this.

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Easy and Authentic Guacamole recipe

Chunky Guacamole Recipe

For all of you who have been regular reader of my blog, I have got something common, healthy and yet tasty recipe this time. It is my latest obsession, and this is “Guacamole”, made out of Avocado, which is full of benefits.

Off late, I make this Guacamole so frequently that its always in my fridge. Reasons why I am obsessed? It is suitable for vegetarians like me, it is tasty and acts as dips or spread on my bread or wrap, or eat it with my munchies like nachos.

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Keto Chicken Korma Recipe |

Keto Chicken Korma

Keto diet is probably one of the most popular diet plan used by many these days. I heard about Ketogenic diet about 4 years, however it was only recently that one of my follower asked me to give her a Keto recipe. She wished for a keto recipe with indian twist. So, here I am with this “Keto Chicken Korma”.

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Spinach Egg Curry - Egg Curry Recipe |

Spinach Egg Curry Recipe

Few days ago I got Spinach from local grocery store and was thinking I was make my usual “Palak Paneer” or Spinach Poori, but then one of those nights I felt why not try something different this time and checked if I have any eggs lying around. Yes, I did see a few eggs and I quickly got into action. That’s how my “Spinach Egg Curry” idea originated.

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DegustaBox Review | Honest impartial Products review

Degustabox Subscription Box Review

Now it has became a habit to receive surprise gift boxes from Degutabox every month. Every month around 18th I look forward to getting the text from DPD that they will be delivering yet another box of Degustabox loaded with surprises.

If you are new to degustabox, then let me explain what it is, Degustabox is a food subscription box service where it sends anything between 10-15 items every month for only £12.99 a month (including free shipping).

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Tasty Fries or Chips made using Aigostar Airfryer |

Finally tried an Air fryer and here is what I think about it

Majority of us do cooking at home, varying from cooking only a few times a week to daily cooking at home. We do so for various reasons, because its healthy to cook at home or its cheaper or convenient or all of these reasons. And if you are one like me who does regular cooking, you would likely be looking for appliances to ease your task of cooking. Unlike in old era when majority of people lived in joint families and had multiple hands to cook, now its largely left to oneself to manage cooking, that’s another reason we look for appliances to ease out our cooking task.

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