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Towels and more – The Towel Shop Review

Long long ago, I watched a bollywood movie, “Roti Kapda aur Makaan“, which basically depicts the basic necessity of human or per say an average human. These three necessities are Food, Cloths and a house / shelter. An average (medium/ low earning) person spends most of the life, doing things to get these three sorted. I blog about food and recipes, but then thought why not I share things which we all need and use, and share thoughts about other things too.

The Towel Shop Review

This brings me to the review of The Towel Shop, a shop which sells towel. My immediate thought after hearing about them was like “Ok, so towel they sell..and what more?” They sell varying products, ranging from Towels, Bedding, Table Linen, Duvet, etc (In my view they shall rename the shop to Towel & More.

I thought let me order a few things to see how good the products are. Read on to know more about the products which I tried and what I felt about those products.

Table Cloth

Polyester Damask Rose- Design Tablecloth - The Towel Shop Review | Your Food Fantasy

I was in need to replace my table cloth and I ordered one from The Towel Shop. The first thought which comes is, “Is the quality going to be good?” I was truly amazed by the quality. This polyester table cloth is so sturdy and thick cloth. Something which I have seen in those finest restaurants only. I have not washed it yet, but it seems like a great buy.

Fitted Sheet

Deep Fitted Sheet - The Towel Shop review | Your Food Fantasy

As I was keen to try out a variety of products, I choose to get a fitted sheet for my new bed. If I am to say that I expected a good quality? yes, I did. But these guys beat me in my expectation, the fitted sheet is superb! The sheet is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and have seen such great quality in 5 star hotels. Can’t fault with the quality here.

Goose feather and down duvet

Goose Feather Down Duvet Review - The Towel Shop | Your Food Fantasy

As I stated above, I got new bed, with bed I of course required new duvet and pillows too.

The goose feather and down duvet is light weight, yet so warm. This duvet has got luxury feel to it and is very cozy. I can sleep whole night in it, with out feeling a bit of cold. Price of duvet is very reasonable for the quality and I am delighted.

Goose feather and down pillow

Feather Goose Down Luxury Pillow - The Towel Shop Review | Your Food Fantasy

When I sleep, I need a good pillow. Pillow which is cosy, and keep my head warm, as well as offer good support. These pillows are reasonably priced, and whilst I am pleased with them, I need to see how good they feel after a few weeks of sleep. For now, I am certainly pleased.

Towel bale

Towel Bale Set - The Towel Shop review | Your Food Fantasy

Writing about the towel shop and not talking about towels? That is not gonna happen! I ordered a towel bale too. The bale had two face, two hand and two bath towels. All towels same quality or 500 gsm. These 100% cotton towels felt somewhat similar to my last purchase from John lewis. I will personally go and buy a higher gsm (may be 700) towel than what I ordered this time. Over all pleased.

Lastly, the delivery was well arranged by them got informed of my delivery date (and then time slot too closer to the date). Happy with what I found at the towel shop.!

PS: Opinion about the products here are 100% mine and I myself choose the products which I wanted to review.

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