Degustabox Review – February 2021

Hello my lovelies! How is this year treating you so far? It’s almost the spring time and I am back with the first review of degustabox for 2021. Glad that its march, days are getting longer and a weeny bit warmer, flowers have started to bloom, can’t wait for full fledged spring. This is review of Degusta box for the February month. I should be getting next Degustabox for March in 2 weeks time and its about the time I share my honest and transparent views of Degustabox for February.

So what is Degustabox?

If you new to this page and have landed here while searching “Degustabox”, then likely you already know about it, however in case you do not know Degustabox, here it is for you. It is an online food subscription service. This box is delivered monthly and normally costs £12.99 only.

Box normally contains 10-13 different types of products. Products in the box vary widely, ranging from munchies, sauces, and suitable for all sorts of diets, inc vegan and gluten-free. Note, that not all products are vegan or GF or vegetarian, its in true sense a variety box. The contents of box itself normally cost much more than the subscription service cost.

I get an ambassador box, which means, I would normally get slightly different (more items) box to what normal subscribers would get.

Why choose Degusta box?

  • It has no yearly contract to it, cancel anytime.
  • It has variety of products, you may call it surprise box.
  • Value of products is much more than the subscription cost.
  • Products range vary from established brands to new brands.

Degusta box delivery

February box delivery was done via DHL, which followed all the good rules of contact less delivery, and I was well informed about delivery.

Detailed review of February 2021 Degustabox

This month’s degusta box was all about “home comforts”. Box contained items which normally I will use in kitchen, had tea, milk, honey, stocks, chillies, etc

Below is the detailed summary of the box.

Bounce Almond Plant Protein Ball

A nice small pack of protein balls, which is gluten free, vegan and high in fibre. I did like the taste of balls, very much butter nutty. The pack costs £1.69 which I feel is a weeny bit higher, none the less great product to munch and top up protein.

Bounce Protein Ball - Degustabox Review
Bounce Protein Ball – Degustabox Review


Belvita is such a household for me. I was sent two bake bars, one chocolate and other blueberry. Both were brilliant! A perfect way to kick off the day with these in breakfast. These are made from wheats, oats, barley, spelt and buckwheat. An absolute great way to add fibre and calcium in the diet. Each of these bake bars costs £0.60.

Belvita Soft Bakes Review
Belvita Soft Bakes Review

Koko Orignal Milk

Lately, I have developed taste for coffee and also bought a fabulous Nespress machine, however I love my coffee with milk. Having a great new milk which is vegan, actually is great. Koko coconut milk was a good find in degustabox. The tetra pack costs £1.50 and its good milk, try it. I have used this milk in my tea and coffee, both. It is available in all major supermarkets in UK.

Koko Original Coconut Milk Review
Koko Original Coconut Milk Review

Knorr Stock Pots

I found two types of knorr stock pots in degustabox, one was veg and other was beef. I handed over beef one to a friend as I do not eat beef, however veg stock pot had been handy in my cooking. Add these stock pots in risotto or curry or anything which needs good taste and thick gravy. Each pack (of two) costs £0.95 and is reasonable price in my view. Easily available across UK in most of food superstores.

Knorr Stock Pots Review - Degustabox Review
Knorr Stock Pots Review – Degustabox Review

Very Lazy Chopped Chillies

I am fan of “Very Lazy” Products and have tried them in past, however chillies were few to me from that range. Quick and easy way to add some heat to the food. Same great quality and no wonder I liked this too. Each small jar costs £1.50, which is in line with other very lazy products pricing. These are also available across UK in major supermarkets.

Very Lazy Red Chillies Review
Very Lazy Red Chillies Review

Boka Cereal Bars

Boka bars are one of my favourite bars. Got two of these bars in the box, Caramel and Choco Mallow. I preferred choco more TBH. These are nice munchies during anytime of the day, though I had these bars during my post lunch munch to get the energy boost. These are now will less sugar content and each bar costs £0.75 or more cost effective pack of 4, which costs £2.00

Boka Cereal Bars Review - Degustabox Review
Boka Cereal Bars Review – Degustabox Review

Jaffa Cakes – Passion Fruit and Cherry

Two whole new flavours of ever favourite Jaffa cakes! These are cherry and passion fruit, and I could have not asked for any thing better. These packs were family favourite. Loved loved and simply loved these, and shamelessly accepting that I can do with few more packs. Each pack costs £1.20 and I am looking forward to add these in my grocery shopping, a must try for all.

Jaffa Cakes Cherry and Passion Fruit Review
Jaffa Cakes Cherry and Passion Fruit Review

Eloments Vitamin Tea

Tea with vitamins? Now that’s new! This Cylonese tea is surely good and for a tea lover in me, it ticked all the right boxes. The pack of 10 costs £3.99. Absolutely refreshing tea and looking forward to order more of these packs. These are available at Ocado and Holland & Barretts. If you a tea person, you should check out this tea.

Eloments Tea Review
Eloments Tea Review

Milkybar Cookies & Cream Sharing bag

Who likes white chocolate? If you do so, am sure you know about milkybar and these new milkybar chocolates are creamy as ever but with surprise of chocolatey cookie pieces. I can do with more than one bag of these. Absolutely loved by family, including my 2.5 year old (dont’t judge me for giving chocolates for too young kid!). The pack costs £1.59 and easily available across UK in supermarkets.

Milkybar Cookies & Cream Review
Milkybar Cookies & Cream Review

Hartley’s Strawberry Jam

Ever in need of good jam and Hartley’s jam does not disappoint, ever! I have had this jam before too and this time finding in the degusta box was only a welcome thing. The bottle costs £1.59 and I will happily pay this for a good fresh jam like this. Put on toast and a lovely breakfast is done. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, alike.

Hartley's Strawberry Jam Review
Hartley’s Strawberry Jam Review

Lost The Pot Noodle

I am not huge fan of ready made noodles, however on busy weekday evenings (especially with all this home schooling), I need quick meals and these noodles do not disappoint. I got two packs in the box, one was roasted chicken and other sweet chilli. Though, I had sweet chilli to myself and liked the taste, hubby had chicken one and he was not sure about it entirely. Each pack costs £0.80, and is about right.

Lost The Pot Noodle Review
Lost The Pot Noodle Review

Hilltop Blossom Honey

Two small pods of honey were also in the box, and loved the purity of the honey, just pure honey, nothing less, nothing more. I had this honey on my toast as well in yogurt, absolutely brilliant in taste. Each pod costs £0.75 and I can do with less pricing for sure. 10/10 on taste but may be 7/10 on pricing.

Hilltop Blossom Honey Review
Hilltop Blossom Honey Review

Voucher code for Degusta box

You may like to use use voucher code – “MB6LZ” and get the first box for only £10.99 (a discount of £2.00).

PS: Review comments here are my own.

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