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Degustabox August Review

Back in August DegustaBox had kindly sent me a parcel to review the goodies which comes inside the parcel. I must admit that I was thrilled like a small girl getting her birthday present. When the box arrived (box was signed for delivery), I was super excited and box was immaculately packed!

So what is this Degustabox?

Degustabox is basically a subscription based monthly food box full of surprises. Inside the box there are 10 – 15 products and many of these products are completely new to the market. The boxes are £12.99 including delivery. Whilst it is a subscription service, it comes with no commitments.  (How nice!) They just ask that you let them know a few days before the payment for the next month is taken if you want to cancel. You can simply register for the service for yourself or give it as gift. There is an alcohol and non-alcohol version of the box and you can choose which one you prefer. How cool is that? What more!? I can share a nice discount code, which will further fetch you £5.00 discount, so your first box would be just £7.99. Remember you can cancel the subscription anytime, so worth the try for merely £7.99. Read on for the details.

Now let’s get on to seeing what was inside August’s box, and what my thoughts are for these products!

The review

The box came in neat packaging via DPD. I was informed well in advance about the delivery and DPD then offered me one hour slot closer to delivery time. This was great so that I could ensure someone was at home to collect the parcel (of course that big box won’t fix in my letterbox).

As soon as I received the box, I opened it, it had cute little sticker and a wrapping hiding the contents away.

Inside the DegustaBox
Inside the DegustaBox

I was only getting more and more excited, like opening my birthday gifts 😀 If am totally honest, I loved the packing! Good job done!

Below is full summary of what was in the box laid out. You can notice it really is jam-packed with some amazing goodies! It was neatly packed internally too, giving protection with bubble wrap and ensuring contents are safe.

DegustaBox August Review
DegustaBox August Review

What more, here is the catalogue detailing all the contents.

Contents Summary - DegustaBox August Review
Contents Summary – DegustaBox August Review

Right! Now is the time for me to share my views on each of these products sequently in no preference order.

Dorset Cereals

These cereals are just awesome. Full of fibre and energy, and taste is something that whole family loved it (inc my 6 year old daughter).

Dorset Cereals | Degustabox - | DegustaBox August Review
Dorset Cereals | Degustabox – | DegustaBox August Review

These cereals are perfect for starting the day and I am going to order these for my future use now. These are RRP £3.49, but worth the penny and when you get as part of Degustabox, it already covers for 1/4th of the cost of the box. Pleased with it!

DegustaBox August Review - Dorset Cereals
DegustaBox August Review – Dorset Cereals

Gunna Craft Soft Drinks

Gunna Softdrinks | DegustaBox August Review
Gunna Softdrinks | DegustaBox August Review

These are nice soft drinks better than traditional coke, sprite etc and I had it nice spicy snacks. These drinks do not have any preservatives, made from natural flavours, less sugar and no artificial colors, seemed right to me. I preferred lemon and mint over ginger one (but thats purely my taste). Being non-alcoholic myself, I could drink these and I actually enjoyed it 🙂

Gunna Drinks - DegustaBox Review
Gunna Drinks – DegustaBox Review

With RRP of £1.09, I will say I will buy it.

Crooked Alcoholic Soda

This is new product range launched, marked as RRP £2.00. This comes in few flavours and the one being reviewed is Peach and Pomegranate flavour. My partner tried this on an evening and he felt it was just ok. It could well be down to him not a huge fan of peaches. Think we will pass this.

Crooked Alcoholic Soda Review - Degustabox
Crooked Alcoholic Soda Review – Degustabox

John West Salad Tuna Fillets

You can’t get wrong with John West. Can you?! The one being reviewed is Chilli Garlic infused fillets. This was a perfect top up to green salad. It formed part of the salad meal. My partner, Kapil, was absolutely delighted by the taste. With RRP of £2.29, it is probably priced marginally steep but all in all I will still buy it, just because it tasted awesome.

John West Salad Tuna Fillets - DegustaBox August Review
John West Salad Tuna Fillets – DegustaBox August Review

LioBites Smoothie Bites

These nice munching bites were probably best thing I had tasted in a while. Loved the idea of converting smoothie to snack bites. I tasted both packs (Mango & Coconut Smoothie Bites as well as Mango, Banana and Passion Fruit Smoothie Bites), both of these tasted delicious. A great snack for kids school lunch box or for yourself when on the go and wish to munch. Want more reasons? It is Vegan, no added sugar and Gluten free too!

LioBites Smoothie Bites - Degustabox Review
LioBites Smoothie Bites – Degustabox Review

RRP as £1.99 may be little high though.

Degustabox August Review - LioBites and Boka Cereal bars
Degustabox August Review – LioBites and Boka Cereal bars

Boka Cereal Bars

Again something which is good on the go. My daughter enjoyed it and asked me to get some more lols! Both the bars (Apple Cinnamon and Choco Mallow) were really good. These small packets come packed with energy and is a big yes from me. These are suitable for vegetarians and contains low sugar and low fat. Seems like made for me 🙂

Degustabox August Review - Boka Cereal bars
Degustabox August Review – Boka Cereal bars

These have been very conveniently priced at £0.75p each. Bargain! I will say 🙂

Maggi Fusian Noodles

I am not new to Maggi noodles, rather have been a fan of it ever since my student days. Ready in minutes and busting with taste, that’s all as a student I used to ask for. Even now on a busy evening sometimes this very maggi is my saviour. I received two packs (Hoisin Duck and Chicken flavour) and both were tried by my partner and daughter. They both loved it. So its a yes!

If you love to make your maggi with veggies, try this variant from my blog.

Maggi Noodles Review - Degustabox
Maggi Noodles Review – Degustabox

RRP is £1.39 for these noodles. I will add that you can probably get this cheaper from local grocery store.

Rowntrees sweets

As soon as Degustabox was opened my daughter grabbed this pack. Tried and tested tasty sweets loved by whole family. These sweets do not have any artificial sweeteners  and comes with nice way to reseal the pack. Since whole family loves it, it has to be yes from me.

Rowntrees Review - Degustabox
Rowntrees Review – Degustabox

RRP £1.29 seems very much ok to me. I will buy it again and again 🙂

Illy Instant Coffee

Illy is such a common name in coffee, and their coffee is well regarded. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is awakening. I am already a fan of it and my morning cuppa is made from illy. Each sip offers the same refreshing taste and I raise hand to only reach out to my cup again and again. It is again a yes from me. To get this in the box is massive steal. It is RRP £5.85 (ok you can get it little cheaper from local grocery store but still a bargain if you consider whole box only costs £12.99).

Illy Instant Arabica Coffee Review - Degustabox
Illy Instant Arabica Coffee Review – Degustabox
Illy and Good Help Review - Degustabox
Illy and Good Help Review – Degustabox

Good Hemp unsweetened dairy free Drink

Getting milk and coffee in same box is like perfect match! I am open to dairy products, but in case you are averse to dairy food, this one surely is for you. I used this milk in my coffee (I like white coffee), and barely any difference in taste noticeable, best thing is its great source of Omega-3. Nice one, Degustabox! RRP of this is £1.60. I can’t really say if its rightly priced or not as I never buy dairy free milk. But I will likely buy it again to keep at home for my guests who can’t have dairy milk.

Good Help Review - Degustabox
Good Help Review – Degustabox

Over All View

As you can observe from above, I had fun trying out these goodies and am continuing to use them. I will be posting my September Degustabox review over the next few weeks so make sure you look out for that and see how it compares to this one. Do check out Degustabox if you fancy trying new food and drink before everyone else as well as some classics too. You can also make a bit of a saving too!

Discount Code

So how would you like £5 off your first box? Simply type in ‘MB6LZ’ at the checkout to make an amazing saving, which means you can try their first box for £7.99 instead of £12.99.

So what do you think to the items? Have you ever tried the Degustabox? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments!

Meenu xx

I was very kindly sent this box free of charge in exchange of a review. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love with you. Please note that if you go on to get a Degustabox, its contents might vary slightly from mine.

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  1. Thank you for The lovely review of LioBites Smoothie Bites . I am glad you loved our healthy snack .😀 All the best – Anna – founder of LioBites

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