Handi Gosht – Lamb Stew Recipe

“Handi Ghost” (हांड़ी गोश्त) is Lamb stew or mutton stew, cooked in Handi. Handi is a deep and narrow-mouthed cooking utensil used in Indian subcontinent, normally this is an earthen pot, but can be made of metal. In an ideal set up “gosht” should be cooked in the earthen pot, that offers an absolutely unique flavour, however I have cooked it a metal “handi”, the unique shape of “handi” offers the perfect mechanism on how the heat gets distributed on to the contents while cooking. You may try this in any normal pan, but if you have handi or can get it, try in that. This is awesome non-vegetarian recipe that I have learnt from the authentic traditional cooks living in village, where cooking in “handi” is norm of life. This way you now know “how to make handi gosht” 🙂

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Achari Gosht Recipe / Achari Mutton

Achar or Achari Gosht / Achari Mutton (अचारी गोश्‍त) is a wonderful, pretty simple yet absolutely ravishing recipe which hails from Awadhi cuisine of Uttar Pradesh . Achari Gosht got its name due to the presence of  Achari / pickled flavours  into it. It is cooked in Mustard oil with onion seeds, mustard seeds, fennel and fenugreek seeds, and all these are key ingredients for any kind of pickle. 

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Mutton Chops Recipe – Lamb Chops Recipe

Mutton Chops Recipe – When you think of non-vegetarian starters, one thing that crosses mind is soft, tender Lamb Chops. Quick and easy to cook, lamb chops have tender, juicy meat, which is best served hot. It tastes so scrumptious that, you won’t realise it could be so easy to make it. You can make it in Oven (Oven Lamb Chops), or on Tawa (Flat Pan). I am sharing both the options here. For mutton lovers, you can make Mutton Chops following the same recipe, and you have your favourite chops ready at home.

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