Indian Meal Combo – Paratha Tadka Dal & Pulao

Indian Meal Combo – One of the challenge one faces whilst cooking is not only making the dish but also decide what shall go with the dish, e.g. when making a dal, shall you made rice or chapati or if making a curry what should you combine with?! This made me decide to write this combination which is somewhat new and somewhat unique and super delicious. It is based on traditional paratha (roti), dal and rice combination.

Best part is that it’s gluten free meal combination. The combination is having Amrantha flour paratha, with Masoor Dahl and Navratan Pulao.

Meal Combo of Amaranth Flour paratha with Dal and Pulao - Your Food Fantasy

Indian Meal Combo – Why choose paratha, dahl and rice

Traditionally, a good Indian meal comprises of roti (paratha), dal and rice. The same is replicated here in the form of Amaratha Paratha, Red Lentils dal and Pulao (rice)

Here I specifically choose “Masoor” or Red Lentils. I believe this dal (or dhal as some may call) goes superbly well with Amarantha flour paratha.

I used paratha instead of chappati. The reason is that making chappati of Amaranth flour can be massive challenge. The amranth flour chappati will tend to get crumbled while rolling and cooking.

Amaranth Flour Paratha with Dal and Pulao - Your Food Fantasy

Preparation of this meal takes a couple of hours. However rest assured that you will be getting one of the nicest and tastiest meals. You can make this whole combination to treat yourself or your special ones. The meal will be a memorable experience.

Below is the detailed step by step recipes of each of these (Amaranth paratha, Red Lentils and Navratan Pulao)

Lets first commence with making Amaranth flour paratha.

Amaranth Flour Paratha – Part of Indian Meal Combo

Detail on how to make tempered red lentil/ Masoor Dal is below.

Tadka Masoor Dal

Lastly the best part of the combo, navratan pulao (which can be served on its own too) is detailed below.

Navratan Pulao

I hope to share more of such meal combos in future. You can certainly modify this combination by swapping red lentil with yellow lentil or swapping amaranth paratha with laccha paratha

In case you have doubts on what food pairing to use, you can ask me in comments.

Meal Combo for Dinner | Your Food Fantasy
Indian meal combo – Meal Combo for Dinner

Serving suggestion

Serve all these three hot along side some cold beverage.

2 thoughts on “Indian Meal Combo – Paratha Tadka Dal & Pulao

  1. This looks delicious! What do you do with the chickpea in the paratha? It’s on the ingredient list but not mentioned in the instructions. Do you mash it up and incorporate into the dough? Thank you

    1. Hi Lee, Thanks for asking this question. It was a typo and has been fixed now. Basically the template I use picks up values from dropdown automatically and it picked chickpea by mistake. Sorry for this confusion.

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