Cranberry Chocolate Fudge | Your Food Fantasy

Quick and Easy White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge Recipe + Video

Christmas is round the corner. Where did whole year go? At the beginning of the year I had thought of making a chocolate fudge. However I never got around to write the recipe but before the year ends here is me sharing my easy to make and white chocolate and cranberry fudge.

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Vegetable Biryani Recipe- Your Food Fantasy

Spicy Vegetable Dum Biryani Recipe

Veg dum biryani | hyderabadi vegetable biryani recipe | hyderabadi biryani with detailed photo and step by step recipe.

“Biryani”, when you hear this magical what comes to your mind? If you visualise fragrant rice smeared in mouth watering spices along with chicken, mutton, egg or veggies, then you are not the only one.

Being a vegetarian, Vegetable Dum Biryani is my thing.

I say “Biryani is a ritual, biryani a religion, biryani an emotion”.

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Vegan and Paleo diet Date & Fig Rolls Recipe

Vegan and Date & Fig Rolls Recipe

Date and Fig rolls : My lovely readers, you have seen all sorts of recipes on this blog. Whilst I try to cook healthy, there are few recipes where it yields food which has high calorific content or not suitable for Vegans. Hence, I thought I will share something which is more vegan friendly as well as ticks the boxes of those following Paleo diet too. This is Date and Fig roll, which is a no-cook recipe too.

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