Degustabox Review – July 2020

Its almost the tail of August in 2020 and been 5 months that we all are fighting with the virus. I miss the freedom pre-covid phase, I miss meeting friends frequently, I miss the free movement, I miss going on holidays. However one thing which I have not missed so much is the supply of food from Degustabox – A monthly subscription box service. Here is my personal views on the contents of July box of Degustabox shared as review.

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Degustabox Review April 2020 | Your Food Fantasy

Subscription box Degustabox Review – April 2020

Getting closer to the middle of the year, and seems like corana virus has written off this year for us. Such a sad thing. But let’s not get sad over it. Let’s enjoy the opportunities this time is offering us by either getting to spend more time with family or honing a new skill at home which we always wanted or doing diy projects at home. What are you doing during this lockdown?

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Degustabox Review March 2020 | Your Food Fantasy

Degusta box Review – March 2020

Hello everyone! How are you doing in your respective countries/ cities? Who would have thought that world will turn upside down for most of us with this corona virus. It was only in Feb that I was out holidaying in Mexico and though covid scare was brewing up, but was less known outside china and now all of us are fighting with it. I am hoping that you all are following the instructions of your respective government, which likely is staying at home as much as possible. 

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Wake n Shake Alarm Clock

Geemarc Wake n Shake alarm clock

As some of you are aware, I am mum of two kids. One being close to 8 years and other going to be 2 soon. 8 year old goes to school and I have been teaching her how to manage her activities on her own. This includes waking up in time, taking shower, getting ready for school, and many more of these activities so that she is independent. Of course, I am there to help her at any step she needs it. One of the challenge that I face with her is to wake her up, she will always ask to have few more minutes to sleep, this also means I need to be awake to wake her up.

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Degustabox Review For February | Your Food Fantasy

Degusta box Review – February 2020

Its 9th of March when I am starting penning down my review of Degustabox which was sent to be in Feb, I am assuming I will be able to publish this by middle of March. I normally write my blogs with no pre-planning or thinking. I received this February box delivered on 26th Feb, normally the box comes in 3rd week of the month, however, I was travelling hence I requested the box delivery and whole delivery rescheduling was done so smoothly, that’s another reason I like Degustabox.

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Degustabox Review for January 2020 | Your Food Fantasy

Degusta box Review – January 2020

Here comes the first box of Degustabox and here comes my review of the box. Got the box delivered around 21st of January and I had been back from my holidays recently, I was totally occupied with unpacking, laundry etc. Gradually got to try around the contents of the box, some of the things in the box won my heart, some were like…hummm…ok can be better.

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