Virgin Piña Colada Recipe – Pina Colada Recipe

Virgin Pina Colada Recipe – Pine Colada is a Mocktail drink made out of fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk. It also happens to be most popular drink of Puerto Rica ( as good to qualify as national drink). This virgin recipe does not include any alcohol, however nothing precludes one to add Rum and make a cocktail of the same.

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Blue Lagoon Mocktail Recipe

Blue lagoon mocktail drink recipe – How many times it has been that you come from scorching heat and all you crave is something cold, or its an event at home and you have easily sorted out all the alcoholic drinks, but for those who don’t consume alcohol, you feel that there is not much to be offered. I have had this scenario a few times and every time I serve some or the other mocktail, which not only is great to drink, also makes your ‘non-alcohol’ consuming guests equally welcome.

This is a very colorful and refreshing mocktail that can make any party interesting. It has sweet sour to taste and the sprite in it adds to the flavour. Of course you can add vodka or rum to make blue lagoon cocktail.

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MEETHA PAAN (मीठा पान) -SWEET BETEL recipe

Meetha Paan – Paan aka betel leaf is mouth freshener from India and neighbouring countries. Its history dates back to at least Ibn Batutah. Paan known with various other names across the continent. It is known as beeda in Hindi and vetrrilai or thambulum in Tamil, thambula in Kannada. It is also called killi or tambulam in Telugu, sireh (in Malay), sirih (in Indonasian, suruh (in Javanese, mark (ໝາກ) in Lao, bulath in Sinhalese, buai in Tok Pisin, and foah (in Dhiveli), etc. Sharing here the sweet paan recipe to make at home.

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Instant coconut ladoo with desiccated coconut at by meenu gupta | Like us on

Coconut Ladoo / Sweetened Coconut balls

Sweetened Coconut balls or Coconut Ladoo (नारियल के लड्डू) are easy to make and can be made on any occasion which you want to celebrate with sweets and best part is these can be prepared in just 10 minutes and are super easy to make. Read below the full step by step recipe for making coconut laddo.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Serving: 5-6

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bhuna chicken recipe

Bhuna Chicken

Bhuna Chicken is the famous Indian chicken dish cooked in tomato based gravy with fresh fragrance of ginger, garlic and  masala. This gets its name because the spices are fried long enough. 

Whilst the process is divided into two parts, it is still a very easy to cook and less cumbersome. I always propagate to marinade non-vegetarian dishes, as it lets the spices permeate into the chicken/ lamb, etc. to offer an enhanced flavour. In this recipe I have followed the same, however one may choose to marinate for less duration or not do it at all.

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