Veg Pulao Recipe – Vegetable Pulao – Pilaf Rice

Vegetable Pulao / Veg pulav or Pilaf  rice is one of the most common Indian rice dish. Rice and vegetables are first sautéed, along with spices in oil or ghee and then cooked together, and this makes veg pulao. It has got few names such as pilaf, pulav, or pulao. Today am sharing a super easy veg pulao recipe.

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Chicken Yakhni Pulao Recipe

Chicken yakhni pulao is a traditional pulao where chicken is cooked with long grained rice in the chicken broth. Talking of pulao and rice based dishes, I have previously shared recipes of veg pulao, navratan pulao. However I never got around to share the authentic recipe of chicken yakhni pulao. Unfortunately, yakhni pulao is not as popular as biryani, however I believe that a good yakhni pulao can compete with biryani in the simplicity of taste it offers.

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