Spinach Namak Para Recipe (Step by Step)

Spinach namak para recipe – Diwali is round the corner and those who know me, know that I love colorful food. I am a huge fan of namak para, so this time around, I have thought of making spinach namak para. Spinach namak para gives a nice twist to the traditional namak para, in terms of color as well as taste. For those less familiar with namak para, consider these as savoury twisters.

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Namak Pare – Nimki -Namak Para Recipe

“Namak pare (नमकपारे)” is an Indian snack being made mainly in northern part of india. It is really a great snack to munch anytime, and is absolutely filling. This can be easily made at home, thus avoiding savouries from outside. Anyone who likes savouries, would most certainly like this. Some people also refer this as Mathri. This is one recipe you will find made during festivals in India e.g. Diwali and Holi. Keep reading for detailed step by step recipe of Namak Pare.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serving: 6-7

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