Rajma Masala Recipe – Kidney Beans Curry

Rajma Curry or Red kidney beans Masala – Rajma does not need any introduction for an Indian household. Likewise Kidney beans is widely known term in west too. Having said that Rajma has not been so popular as Chole (Chick Pea) or Samosa in west. Objective of my recipe here is to familiarise this to my audience in west as well as for the from Indian subcontinent to suggest how to make restaurant style authentic punjabi rajma masala. This recipe is suitable for Vegans and is gluten free (If you ignore Asafoetida or use GF version of it).

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Mixed veg Curry – Mix Vegetable recipe

India curries normally have various vegetables, legumes, meat, paneer, etc. Mixed veg is one curry where you can use host of vegetables and paneer in one single curry. If there is one curry which I love any day, it has to be mixed veg curry. What I like in this recipe is that, I can use any spare vegetable in the house and dish up a yummy curry. This mixed vegetable curry is my safe bet when I am cooking for any vegetarian.

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Aubergine Chickpea Curry – Stepwise (Video) Recipe

Chickpea Aubergine Curry Recipe – No surprises in guessing that I love chickpeas. Chickpea features in my menu very so often, mostly as traditional Indian chickpea curry or in hummus or part of salad. I also love roasted aubergines too. I was making the traditional bharta one day, I wondered why not do a fusion of these aubergine (eggplant) with chickpeas. Here is fusion recipe and I call it aubergine with chickpea curry.

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Lobia Curry Recipe – Black Eyed Bean Curry – How To Make Lobia

Have you ever had lobia or black eyed beans? This curry is predominant in north part of India and also known in pockets on Maharashtra. In this curry, black eyed beans are cooked along with onion and tomato gravy. Talking of healthy and deliciousness together can be challenge sometimes. This lobia curry recipe here is solution for the weekday challenge of eating healthy and tasty.

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Pizza Paratha recipe (step by step) and video

Pizza paratha recipe – Have you heard of rhymes, “Do you like Broccoli? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like Icecream? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like Broccoli Ice-cream? No, I don’t! Yuccky!” . This was the song buzzing in my head when my daughter said she wants to eat pizza for dinner. With focus on health being in my mind, I thought why not make something different this time, so I asked her, “Do you like Pizza?” She said, “yes, I do!”. Then I asked, “Do you like Paratha?”, She replied, “Yes, I do!” Then I said, Do you like “Pizza Paratha?”. She was like…ummm…am not sure. I then said, let’s have a deal, try it out and if you don’t like, won’t ever make it.

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Tempered Red Lentils – Masoor Dal Recipe

Raise hands if you are one who loves lentils? I have grew up in a household where lentil was inherent part of meal, everyday, regardless of anything else being in the meal or not. The reason there was so much emphasis of having lentils (also called dal or dhal) in meal was mainly because its rich in protein, vitamin and other minerals as well as low calories. Most importantly lentils are not so costly source of vitamins and protein. Here is how to make one such dal, split masoor dal recipe, also called red lentils or masoor ke dal (in Hindi).

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Indian Meal Combo – Paratha Tadka Dal & Pulao

Indian Meal Combo – One of the challenge one faces whilst cooking is not only making the dish but also decide what shall go with the dish, e.g. when making a dal, shall you made rice or chapati or if making a curry what should you combine with?! This made me decide to write this combination which is somewhat new and somewhat unique and super delicious. It is based on traditional paratha (roti), dal and rice combination.

Best part is that it’s gluten free meal combination. The combination is having Amrantha flour paratha, with Masoor Dahl and Navratan Pulao.

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