Besan Ladoo – Indian Sweet
Servings Prep Time
20-25Pieces 10Mins
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
20-25Pieces 10Mins
Cook Time
  1. Coarsely ground Cashew and almonds (you can also chop them with knife if you do not have grinder)
  2. Take a heavy bottom Pan or kadai and put it on a medium heat. Slowly roast this on medium flame.
  3. Add Ghee to the kadai / big deep pan and wait till it gets little warm.
  4. Add turmeric powder to the warm ghee. Turmeric powder helps in giving a rich yellow colour to the ladoos. This is purely optional.
  5. Now add gram flour/ besan to the Kadai slowly with the help of a steel or wooden spatula. Slowly roast this on the medium flame. Keep stirring and feel the aroma. Once you get the roasted aroma of gram flour, check it with spreading one tablespoon of water on it (I call this water test). If water evaporates immediately leaving yellow bubbles on top, it means your Besan is fully roasted. Switch off the flame and keep stirring for few more minutes as heavy bottom pan takes time to cool down and we don’t want our Besan to get burnt smell. The whole process of roasting takes about 10-12 minutes.
  6. Allow this to cool to right temperature so that you can easily hold this roasted besan in your hand. It should be just lukewarm.
  7. Add Sugar, cardamom seeds powder and chopped / grounded nuts now.
  8. Mix this mixture with your hand thoroughly and start making round balls of it by taking one tablespoon of this mixture and shaping it like a ladoo in between both of your palms.
  9. Garnish these with Pistachio.
Recipe Notes
  • If you roast the nuts before chopping/grounding them, your ladoo would be more tastier.
  • Please do make sure besan is fully roasted.
  • Avoid using high flame / heat, this could leave burnt flavour. Keeping right temperature is important.
  • In case you find your mixture is way too liquid, add more besan, and vice-versa. Note that when it hot, it will be lot more like liquid, and when it cools the mixture thickens.

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