How to win collaborations

This page is work in progress

Now that you have a blog and social accounts, naturally you will like to see how to monetise it.

The real test starts now…rule is simple, think if you were a client, what will you look for? Where will you spend your hard earned money?

Depending on how much client is willing to spend and how big they are, they will have preference for who they wish to collaborate.

A client looks for Value for Money! Ok that’s easy said than done…

How to offer value for money?

If you talking about Social channels, Instagram, youtube and Pintrest are ruler, Facebook, Twitter seems to be dying. So let’s talk about Instagram.

What is required on Instagram? Followers? Yes and No!. A clever client will look at the number of followers but also engagement (how many likes, shares, comments, etc).

In my experience says that just social does bot get enough weight to you, unless you are of course a biggy! To augment this you need a blog, an active blog with good SEO ranking and good content.

Equipped with blog and at least one strong social channel, you can show your weight. Now two things can happen:

  • Someone notices you and contacts you. You can agree your T&C’s based on what suits you.
  • You approach local client and see if you can do something for marginal cost (or even free). This then starts snow bowling to larger clients.


Most importantly, all these things do not happen over night and requires patience and constant effort. I believe in Karma, so keep doing good work and it will come back to you…its only a matter of time 🙂

Good luck!