Thank you for your interest on being part of the group to work together together.

I have been analysing how Instagram works, and what propels a given post in “explore” section. I will put a disclaimer that I am not an expert, but have gathered this information from various forums.

The idea is if we work collectively, we can benefit. It is beyond doubt that Instagram is one biggest platform today. I am not going to be wasting time explaining benefits of Instagram (surely, you can DM and I can talk about it).

So what we need to do?

We need to get like minded individuals to work together. Yes, you understand this, so what does it mean?

Let’s face it, if you reading this, likely means you want to grow with Instagram. Idea is that we try to work against Instagram’s algorithm (and in a legitimate way). You may have read about bots and how people are using bots, I am not in favour of bots as its fake and it means we are inflating. The objective is that we want to make sure our posts / content is highlighted in Instagram, which means all genuine users come to see our content.

Is this legal? 

Yes, legal, as far as I see. We are going to work so that our content has higher probability to be shown to users.

How? What we need to do?

  • We need to have a group of 20 members (lets start with as many members we can get who want to work together, we can be more than 20, but having 20 members in a group seems right to me).
  • Members share their post to this group, and other members of the group, like the post, write the post (and save, ideally, but lets start with likes and comments till member get used to it). Most of us are connected anyways, so likely is that we are anyway liking each others post, and sometimes we comment too. However, now we need to be careful how we comment.
    • Comments needs to be at least 4 characters.
    • Comments needs to be in english and related to the post.
    • Comments need to be full words (Instagram algorithm does not like shorthands).

This is all we need to do? Yes!!!

Why will this work?

Insta algorithm checks how many people have liked a given post and how many people have commented it. Of course any saves also contribute. If Insta finds that many people are talking about some post, it start pulling the post up and gives the post more chance to be seen.

All good so far?

You must be getting all sort of questions here…

  1. How many posts can I share in the group? In theory as many as you like, but lets be fair, if we get too many posts it will be difficult for all users to keep up with pace and we loose steam (hence my thinking is to keep group size to 20). Suggestions welcome! We must restrict one post per day per member.
  2. Do we need to follow all the members in the group? It is personal choice. No such rule.
  3. I have 10K follower and he has only 500 followers, should I get more weight? Sorry! All are equal in the group. Rules are same for all.
  4. I post only 3 times a week, but someone else posts everyday. You can also post daily. You must be willing to help others (there is no I, but we here). We can’t be selfish.
  5. What if I keep liking and commenting but I find someone is not doing. If such situation arises, let’s give the member a fair chance, i.e. member was away, but if this keep happening repeatedly, simply block the member and you won’t see his/ her content.
  6. We are in different timezones. Normally the first hour after post is done is important, but we have to work against this and try to comment in 24hrs
  7. Have we already got 20 members? No, not yet…I am being selective who is added, we need trusted and genuine people who are interested. I will request you to bring on your trusted contacts, who are willing to follow what’s stated here.

Update: We have more than one group now, one has close to 20 members and other is around 10 member.

All Happy?

Further questions? DM me and I will answer.

PS: I will like to start sharing more tips on usage of Insta in future (Disclaimer: I am no expert, am learning).

Checkout this video which I think offers great Insta tips: