Sandwich Paneer Pakora Recipe

If you from Indian Subcontinent, likely hood is that you are familiar with Pakora (or pakoda). Onion and Potato pakoras are most popular, being one of the most desired thing during monsoon season. The combination of pakora and hot tea is something which many will swear by. Pakoras are my favourite too, just like any one else. Paneer is hot favourite with masses. This sandwich paneer pakora takes the taste of pakoras a level up.

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Aloo Matar Paneer – One Pot Recipe with Video

Aloo matar paneer recipe – Raise hands if you are one like me who wants to eat delicious food, but want the food to be made quickly too. If you are one like me, then this aloo matar paneer curry is for you. This aloo matar paneer is so easy to make and is literally one pot meal. Put the ingredients in either your instant pot, or pressure cooker and scrumptious aloo matar paneer is ready.

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Lehsuni Paneer – Garlic Paneer Recipe + Video

Lehsuni Paneer Recipe – Paneer lover never gets fed up of paneer. Do they? What names in your head when you think of paneer? Kadai Paneer, chilli paneer, paneer masala? I decided to innovate something this time. I decided to make lehsuni aka garlic paneer. If you look around, you may find dry versions of garlic chilli paneer. My daughter can not stand chilli and I need to make food for her which is less spicy.

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Paneer Butter Masala Recipe – PANEER MAKHNI

Paneer Butter masala recipe – Paneer lover? If so, you must have heard and ate Paneer Butter Masala (पनीर बटर मसाला), also known as Paneer Makhni. As a kid, only paneer dish I knew (about eating) was PBM, and this used to be my favourite. Those were the days when eating paneer was a luxury for me, however paneer still remains top favourite for many.

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Beetroot Paneer Curry Recipe

Beetroot Paneer Curry Recipe – Beetroot is one healthy vegetable, and I learnt about it long back, however I always wondered how to bring it to best use. I normally use beetroot in salad, and juice. I have also used beetroot in soups, pickles and smoothies. This time around I am sharing something new, this is “beetroot paneer recipe“. It is evident that a majority of people love paneer hence I decided to create this rich gravy based curry.

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Paneer Tikka Parcels

Recently I became active on Instagram and I get to see lot of exciting posts. One thing which caught my attention was the idea of trying out new things which require baking. I thought of baking pizza.

When I decided to bake my pizza, my girl said she wants to eat something different, so I thought let me give a twist to something she loves. She loves Paneer Patties , so this time I decided to make “Paneer Tikka Parcels” (पनीर टिक्का पार्सल), and this was something new for her as well, and I was assured that she will love it.

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Achari Paneer Recipe | Your Food

Achari Paneer Recipe

My love for Achaar (Pickle) is probably as old as I can cast my memory. Those were the days when growing up in a middle class house hold, that too in a sleepy city in 80’s, when treating having paneer in a meal used to be an event. To make the daily meal more enticing ‘Pickles’ were the best friend. With time I got exposure to new things, and one such thing was variety of food. But, how could I forget my good old friend pickle? That led me to culinary expedition and I found “Achari Paneer”, which is best of both worlds of Pickle and Paneer.

Achari Paneer is a spicy, tantalising paneer curry liked by many and it got its name owing to the presence of spices which are generally used in making pickles / Achaar.

Prepration time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Serving: 4

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