Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Chicken lollipops are such a mega hit between chicken lovers. These indo-chinese chicken lollipop fits in so well as main product on dinning table as appetiser as well as easily tucks in along side fried rice. The thick sauce on chicken offers the spicy kick. These spicy pieces of chicken are utterly delicious to easily find place in any dinner party. Hoping you love this recipe.

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Purple Cabbage Manchurian – Step By Step Recipe

What do you do with purple cabbage? Well, first thing, do you like purple cabbage? I was not familiar with purple (also called red) cabbage till 2010. I had since used this purple cabbage in salad, and sautéed along in stir fry. This time around, I am sharing purple cabbage manchurian recipe. This take the taste and deliciousness of normal cabbage to next level.

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Gobi Manchurian Recipe – Step By Step Recipe

Manchurian, is an Indo-chinese dish. Gobi manchurian, is a manchurian dish made out of cauliflower (gobi) florets. Gobi manchurian can be dry or or with gravy. Dry gobi manchurian is more popular, as it acts as great appetiser as well as side dish in main course. This dry gobi manchurian recipe contains two basic parts. First, getting the gobi florets ready and second, preparing the sauce ready.

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