Egg Curry Recipe – Dhaba Style Egg Curry

Indian Egg Curry Recipe – Been to India? Or you live in India? Did you get a chance to eat at Dhaba? If you wish to taste best Indian food, you must try it a good dhaba. However it is not logistically possible that we go to dhaba all the time, but we can always make same delicious food at home. Here is copycat Dhaba style egg curry recipe. If you love Indian curries and egg, I am sure you will relish this curry.

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Egg Bhurji Recipe – Anda Bhurji Recipe

Egg Bhurji or anda bhurji Recipe – The classic scrambled egg made with Indian spices. Egg lover? How do you love your eggs? Poached? Omelette? Boiled? Egg Curry? Half Fry or Scrambled? My diet was full vegetarian and then in 2012, I became eggetarian. There is a story on how and why I started eating eggs, maybe I will tell it in some other blog post. The bottom line is that now I have came a long way from not touching eggs, to loving eggs and having eggs in diet almost every second day. Egg bhurji is one of my favourite way to consume eggs (Egg curry remains at the top).

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South Indian Style Egg Curry - Your Food Fantasy

South Indian Style Egg Curry

Being born and bred in northern part of india, I always enjoyed the rich lush taste of north indian cuisine. I gradually got introduced to taste of south when I started exploring south indian restaurants in Delhi and now in UK. There is something distinguishably different and nice about south indian cuisine, which keeps pulling me to try out something or other. Today I am sharing my stint with (अंडा करी) Egg Curry made in South Indian style.

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