Pizza Paratha recipe (step by step) and video

Pizza Paratha Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

Pizza paratha recipe – Have you heard of rhymes, “Do you like Broccoli? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like Icecream? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like Broccoli Ice-cream? No, I don’t! Yuccky!” . This was the song buzzing in my head when my daughter said she wants to eat… Continue reading →


Layered Laccha Paratha

Layered Laccha Paratha Recipe | Your Food Fantasy

“Lachha paratha (लच्छा पराठा) or layered paratha, or Layered Indian flat bread” is a another commonly known form of Indian bread found across all over northern part of India. The method of making lachha paratha is very similar to Malabar paratha or Parotta which is very famous dish in southern india, it only differs in the main ingredient with the Parotta,… Continue reading →

Palak Paneer Paratha

Palak Paneer Paratha - Paneer Recipes | Your Food Fantasy

Palak paneer paratha recipe – Spinach flavoured paratha is stuffed with spiced paneer mixture, and spinach, which form a wonderful combination, not only in terms of taste but also in protein that it serves. These are best served with yogurt or pickle, or well, you can have it own its own 🙂 If you are paratha… Continue reading →

Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Broccoli Paratha | Broccoli Recipes | Your Food Fantasy by Meenu Gupta

This paratha is the healthy variation to the traditional Indian Paratha. This was first introduced to me by a friend of mine, Mala, she had made this for her daughter. I definitely found it innovative way to feed “green” to my daughter too. Now my little one loves to have it anytime. Best part of this… Continue reading →