Raspberry Mojito – Mocktail Recipe

Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Looking for refreshing, light and fruity flavour in your glass to beat the heat? The Raspberry Mojito has all the originality of fresh mint and lime, topped with added sweet twist and fragrance of Raspberries. Make a juicy and fruity mocktail from it or the alcoholic variant cocktail by adding hint of rum, either ways… Continue reading →


Strawberry Margarita Mocktail Recipe

Moctail Recipe | Strawberry Margarita | YourFoodFantasy.com

If you are Strawberry lover, this Strawberry Margarita is must for you to try out. This is a mocktail which is perfect for Summer, however is enjoyed through out the year. This drink is loved equally by alcohol and non-alcohol consuming community. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: NA Serving: – 1

Virgin Pina Colada Recipe

Pina Colada - Mocktail - YourFoodFantasy

Pine Colada is a Mocktail drink made out of fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk. It also happens to be most popular drink of Puerto Rica ( as good to qualify as national drink). This virgin recipe does not include any alcohol, however nothing precludes one to add Rum or Vodka and make a Cocktail of the… Continue reading →

Fruit Punch Recipe

Fruit Punch | Mocktail | YourFoodFantasy

This fruit punch recipe is perfect for any occasion! It’s incredibly easy to make, the whole process only takes only few minutes. This version is without alcohol (mocktail), if you wish you can add Rum / Vodka to make a cocktail of the same. This fruit punch goes down a real treat during any time of… Continue reading →