Pineapple Fried Rice (Thai)

Pineapple Fried Rice Recipe

Thai cuisine inspired this pineapple fried rice recipe is a delicious (sweet) twist to normal fried rice. Fried rice is an easy one pot meal packed with flavours. There are numerous versions of fried rice. This particular recipe one is inspired by Thai flavours. Out of numerous recipes you may find on internet, my recipe… Continue reading →

Achari Baingan Recipe

Achari Baingan - Aubergine Recipe

Achari baingan or achari baingan aloo as one may call it, is an aubergine aka eggplant recipe. This recipe is a classic example of how to make aubergine tasty. Baby eggplant is cooked alongside potatoes in pickled spices, yielding this delicious achari baingan masala curry.

Achari Chicken Recipe

Looking for a chicken curry different from usual masala, tikka, jalfrezi ? This achari chicken got the answer. This chicken got unique pickle sort of taste and is believed to have originated from northern India. The presence of “achari masala” in this curry is what makes this as “achari chicken”. This achari chicken recipe is… Continue reading →