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Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake | Meal replacement Review

Hello Lovelies! Those of you know me, I am not a person who believes into instant weight loss/ health management products or using supplement products for health. Recently, I learnt about NutriBuddyUK and after talking to them, I decided  to try out their breakfast smoothie. 

NutriBuddyUK Breakfast Shake - YourFoodFantasy

Now that I have used the NutriBuddy Breakfast Smoothie for two weeks, here are my thoughts about the product and what I feel about meal replacements.

Breakfast Shake with Matcha - Your Food Fantasy
Breakfast Shake with Matcha – Your Food Fantasy

Nutribuddy Breakfast shakes come in six distinct flavours, namely, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Naked, with variants of crunchy flaxseeds & coconut flakes or super smooth version with Matcha green tea. Nutribuddy has became a strong household name in UK for its vegan, gluten free, and natural ingredients, and offers meal replacement products. You can order it following the link.

NutriBuddyUK Breakfast Shake -
NutriBuddyUK Breakfast Shake –

Suiting my taste buds, I opted to try out Strawberry smoothIe with matcha tea. For my order, I was well informed about the delivery and I got prompt delivery on the said day by Royal Mail.

In my delivery, I got a cute jar to keep the shake powder, a flask and the strawberry shake powder.

NutriBuddy BreakfastShake Review - Your Food Fantasy
NutriBuddy BreakfastShake Review – Your Food Fantasy

I was impressed by neat professional packaging and then came next step to see how easy is it to make the milkshake. Voila! Making the drink was super easy, only if all the meals in life can be so easy…just add couple of scoops in the shaker, add milk and shake, that is it the milkshake is ready.

One of the fine morning in July, I firmed up my mind and decided to taste it, and not have my usual breakfast. I had one glass of this shake and it tasted reasonably good, there was no need to add sugar or anything else as such, though I did fresh strawberry and raspberry in twice during these last 14 days.

Strawberry BreakfastShake - NutryBuddyUK - Your Food Fantasy
Strawberry BreakfastShake – NutryBuddyUK – Your Food Fantasy

For a newbie to meal replacements, I found that there is an easy step by step guide to meal replacement, which is extremely useful. As much as I have tried this NutriBuddy meal replacement, I will suggest that if you have time to prepare healthy balanced breakfast (or meal) with appropriate ingredients, that’s best. But time is the essence here and in today’s busy world, getting a readymade healthy meal replacement which you can trust is novelty!

Having this breakfast shake in morning, kept me full through out the morning and then I had my usual lunch, the drink did not make me feel any bloated or lethargic, and full of energy. I suppose this is what I need to feel everyday, refreshed and buzzing with energy!

Breakfast Smoothie from NutryBuddyUK - Your Food Fantasy
Breakfast Smoothie from NutryBuddyUK – Your Food Fantasy

Some of you already know that I a mum to two kids, one of them is a toddler, and you know how much energy drain it is to nurture kids, and all you ask is more time and energy. NutriBuddy shake has certainly helped me get that additional required energy without loosing anytime (rather offering time saving).

I am now in a position that I can certainly recommend it, and good thing is that NutriBuddy offers shakes in supply of 14, 28 and 56 days. This means you can start with 14 days supply and then jump to 56 days (I believe there is incentive to buy 56 days supply as Nutribuddy offer some discount, of course discount may vary from time to time).

Breakfast Smoothie from NutryBuddyUK - Your Food Fantasy
Breakfast Smoothie from NutryBuddyUK – Your Food Fantasy

So, what is my verdict, about this Breakfast smoothie from Nutribuddy?

Not all meal replacements may be good, however I will say I am happy with NutriBuddy, it gave me more than what I expected from it. Did it loose weight? I am not sure, I was not measuring weight (I probably did loose some) but I was measuring my level of energy and happiness that energy offers me and I got that for sure 🙂

Note : I have been compensated by NutiBuddyUK to review their product, however all views are mine. The link to Nutribuddy is an affiliate link and for all purchase, I will be given a small commission.

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    1. It certainly is tasty, and making this shake was as easy as it could be…milk + shake power + churn 🙂

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